Tatá Werneck talks about Paulo Gustavo: ‘I dream almost every day’ – Prime Time Zone


Actress published photos of moments with her friend and recalled the importance of continuing to wear a mask, maintaining social distance and taking two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine

Reproduction/Instagram/tatawerneck/06.05.2021Tatá Werneck published a tribute to Paulo Gustavo two months after his death

the actress and comedian Tata Werneck wrote about the actor Paulo Gustavo, who died exactly two months ago from complications caused by the Covid-19. Tatá says that he dreamed of his friend once again and that this happens almost every day. According to the actress, these moments are what comfort her, but she still can’t talk about it. “I told a friend that I can’t talk about it yet. And she said to me ‘but you talk about him all day, you know, right?’ Only two months of this anguish have passed. I lost 3 young friends in the pandemic. You’re not even friends anymore, Paulo. You became a legend. We love you a lot,” said the comedian in an Instagram post. The publication has photos of various moments of the actress with Paulo Gustavo, and Tatá ends the publication reminding that people should continue to wear a protective mask against the coronavirus and maintaining social distance. In addition, she reinforces the importance of taking the two doses of the vaccine. “Until Brazil has vaccinated a sufficient number of people, keep wearing a mask. Or are you a selfish person who only cares about you? Think: if everyone had acted like you in this pandemic, would it end quickly?”