Tati Machado laments the death of his father and receives support from Fátima Bernardes – Prime Time Zone


‘This love is so beautiful that it will help you to overcome it’, commented the presenter of ‘Encontro’

Reproduction/Instagram/tati/20.07.2021Tati Machado has already presented the ‘Encontro’ with Fátima Bernardes

The reporter and presenter Tati Machado, who participates in the programs “Meeting”, “if you play” e “It’s from Home”, made a post last Monday, 19, lamenting the death of his father. When sharing some photos with him, Tati wrote: “We were always the same… the years went by and our similarity became more and more evident. And not just the similar eyes or the identical hand, but the look. Way of talking loudly, gesturing and, mainly, telling stories. We were always good storytellers. Even the dullest one was wonderful with our touch. How many stories we tell together, right?! And, even more, how many live together”.

Tati continued the story saying that he is at a stage of thinking that he could have lived many other moments with his father. “I’m trying to understand that what we experienced was a lot. It was intense, it was unforgettable. You were the best, most present, and wisest father I could have had. Your teachings are rooted in me forever. From ‘always stay alert’ to ‘drink water, little girl’. From the ‘tranquility and happiness’ to the ‘ninja’ way of being”, said the reporter. Without disclosing the reason for the death, Tati just said that everything happened quickly.

“My father 220 volts, my father athlete, full of power, artist, my father. You live in me and I will make it count for everything you taught me in this life. I love you”, he concluded. The presenter was supported by several famous people. “Tati, dear, my feelings and my certainty that it will be this love so beautiful that will help you to overcome the loss”, wrote the presenter Fatima Bernardes. “Force, Tati”, commented the presenter Fernanda Gentil. “Beautiful memory, friend,” said the presenter Andrew Curvello. “My feelings”, posted the digital influencer little loto.