Tattoo fan Ana Maria Braga and presenter approves: ‘She loved the tribute’ – Prime Time Zone


Melissa Schlukebier got a tattoo of the artist’s face on her leg, as she considers her an inspiration

Reproduction/Instagram/anamaria16/mel_schlukebier/08.09.2021Cabelereira made a tattoo of Ana Maria Braga’s face on her leg

The hairdresser and digital influencer Melissa Schlukebier decided to honor the presenter Ana Maria Braga with a tattoo of the face of the global leg. When publicizing the result on social networks, the image went viral. “I was surprised with the repercussion, I thought it could have repercussions because it was Ana Maria, but the repercussion is much greater than I imagined”, said Melissa to Young pan. A tattoo, by the way, has already come to the attention of the presenter of “Mais Você”. “She already found out about it and loved the tribute”, said the hairdresser.

The influencer decided to tattoo the presenter’s face, as she sees her as an example of overcoming difficulties. “I tattooed Ana because she inspires me every day to be a strong and warrior woman. She’s been through countless situations and doesn’t let her down, so when I’m going through a problem I remember the strength she has”, explained Melissa, who has the faces of other famous people tattooed on her body. “I’ve tattooed some divas, like Hebe, Cher, Elke Maravilha, Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe, as I consider all women to have strong personality.”