Thais attends Big Phone, gets immunized and puts Juliette on the wall – Prime Time Zone


Formation of the wall will also have the nominee of the leader, Arthur, and the most voted of the house; there will be a lap test which will save one of the participants

Reproduction / Twitter @thaisfbrazParticipant guaranteed another week at the house

To participant Thais, do ‘Big Brother Brasil 21‘answered the Big Phone in the late afternoon of this Sunday, 7, was immunized and put Juliette on the sea wall. Before the call, Sarah and Juliette were immune while Thais and Karol Conká they were walled up. When attending the Big Phone, the participant gained the power to invert a walled and an immune. As she was in Wall, she took off and put Juliette in contention. With the decision, Sarah also reaches the formation of that immune Sunday and Karol arrives walled. In addition to the singer and the lawyer, two other participants will be nominated, one by the vote of the leader, Arthur, and the other will be nominated by the house vote. There will also be a round-trip event, which will save one of the four walled ones.