The Farm 13: A tantrum with Erika, Erasmo even complains about Instagram filters


Erasmo Viana still hasn’t got over the affair with Erika Schneider and continues with the criticisms about the piece of A Fazenda 2021. This Monday (4), the fitness influencer needled the former dancer of Faustão and even complained about the filters she uses in Instagram stories. “Very empty things,” Gabriela Pugliesi’s ex-husband argued.

“I don’t know, you meet the person once, but it’s when you live together that you see exactly what it is like. I hadn’t been there”, pointed out the model, and Gui Araujo added: “It’s worse because she’s a super nice girl, but this style of situation bothers everyone”.

“She is [boazinha], exactly! Another thing, I feel in her a complex of wanting to be famous, you know? This I even see on Instagram, the way you position yourself, I filter all the time, some very empty things. I met her on Instagram, that thing, I sent her direct”, recalled Viana.

During the chat, the former MTV said that the ballerina is a good person, but that she transforms her behavior in front of the cameras. Then the peons changed the subject and began to articulate strategies for the next farm.

“The day begins to arrive, it gets tense, right? It gets tense for everyone”, commented Tiago Piquilo. “If you’ve got your head on straight. Like, in my situation, whatever has to happen, you know? It seems that life outside people is scary,” asked Araujo.

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