The Farm 13: Erasmus broke his finger of jealousy after Globo actor flirted with Pugliesi


In A Fazenda 2021, Erasmo Viana confessed that he broke his finger after finding a message from a Globo actor on Gabriela Pugliesi’s social network. This Thursday (7), the pawn said he was jealous of the attitude of the artist, who tried to flirt with the fitness influencer while they were still married.

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“I’m dying to get a little global there. I won’t even say it, the crazy one is the biggest slacker, a jerk, an actor. It comes to all the guys’ wives. When I was married, he texted mine ex. I went to the guy’s show,” vented Viana.

Tiago Piquilo asked his colleague in confinement to say the first letter of the actor’s name, but the digital influencer didn’t respond: “I’m not going to say it because I’m going to give him a lot of feedback. This stop caused me a lot of trouble. On the day I got the message, I punched the door and broke my finger.”

“I lost a job worth R$ 70,000 just out of anger, I’ll never forget it. I went to the guy’s show, he did Porta dos Fundos. I laughed and the other day, when I pick up my cell phone, there’s the funny guy with the message . My blood rose to my head. I said I was going to bump into him, but until today, I’ve never bumped into it,” continued the inmate.

In the account, Erasmus assured that he does not intend to do anything more against the actor, but that he would like to look him in the face at least. “Look that we have a lot of friends in common, a lot of them. He climbs into the ring too. He climbs into the ring, no, he’s crazy. Post some pictures there, in a boxing area, more or less. it was lazy too. It’s the guy’s way, he thinks it won’t do any good. Anyway, life pays back,” he concluded.

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