The Farm Poll 13: Dayane, Erika, Rico and Tiago are in the field; vote


Dayane Mello, Erika Schneider, Rico Melquiades and Tiago Piquilo are in the third farm of A Fazenda 2021. The quartet of roceiros was formed in the early hours of this Wednesday (6). Who do you want to stay on Record’s reality show? Vote in the poll at the end of this text.

Mileide Mihaile opened the voting dynamic with the discovery of the lamp’s powers. As winner of the Trial of Fire, the ex-wife of Wesley Safadão was able to choose between two scrolls: one yellow and one red. She opted for the first option and gave the darker color to Arcrebiano de Araújo.

By opening the yellow parchment, Mileide found that she could choose between immunity against farmer indication or immunity against pedestrian attacks. The influencer chose to defend herself from the house’s votes.

Then Gui Araujo, farmer of the week, indicated a pawn directly to the rich zone. Anitta’s ex-boyfriend took aim at Rico, a name that had already been considered by the bigwig in recent days.

“That person was the only one who took some punishments. [punição] he took it on purpose and kept threatening to take others. Amazingly, I’m one of the few people who doesn’t have personal problems with him, but he ends up never listening to me,” explained Araujo.

Rico, however, contradicted expectations and fled from shacks after being nominated by the head of the farm. When asked by Adriane Galisteu about Gui’s decision, the man from Alagoas just replied with his catchphrase: “Silence wins, Dri”.

After choosing the former MTV, the other participants started voting from the headquarters. Erika was the most targeted of the night, counting seven votes. The dancer pulled Tiago Piquilo, a resident of the stall, to the hot seat. Owner of the power of the red flame, Bil was given the mission to define the fourth roceiro and aimed at Dayane Mello. The model, in turn, vetoed Tiago from the farmer’s test.

Check out the votes of the night

  • Lary Bottino voted for Erika Schneider
  • Arcrebiano de Araújo voted for MC Gui
  • Erasmo Viana voted for Erika Schneider
  • Sthefane Matos voted for Erasmo Viana
  • Marina Ferrari voted for Solange Gomes
  • Victor Pecoraro voted for MC Gui
  • Rico Melquiades voted for MC Gui
  • Tati Quebra Barraco voted for Erika Schneider
  • Dayane Mello voted for Arcrebiano de Araújo
  • Solange Gomes voted for Erika Schneider
  • Erika Schneider voted for MC Gui
  • Dynho Alves voted for Erika Schneider
  • Mileide Mihaile voted for Solange Gomes
  • Aline Mineiro voted for Dynho Alves
  • Valentina Francavilla voted for Arcrebiano de Araújo
  • MC Gui voted for Erika Schneider
  • Tiago Piquilo voted for Erika Schneider