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The Force of Querer: Zeca escapes death and steps in Ritinha’s disgrace


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Zeca (Marco Pigossi) will take revenge on Ritinha (Isis Valverde) in A Força do Querer. Recovered from the shot he took from Ruy (Fiuk), the truck driver will receive a visit from the “mermaid” asking him not to speak ill of her to investigators of her husband’s crime. The northerner, however, will step on it and point it out as responsible for all the disgrace in the nine o’clock soap opera.

The conversation between the ex-couple will air next Monday (1st) in the plot of Gloria Perez. At this point in the booklet, Abel’s son (Tonico Pereira) will have managed to recover from the shot. Interested in recovering her son who will have been taken by Joyce (Maria Fernanda Cândido) after the confusion, Ritinha will look for him full of ulterior motives.

Marilda’s friend (Dandara Mariana) will know that Zeca’s testimony about Ruy’s crime may undermine her request to secure custody of the heir. After all, the playboy only shot the northerner after Edinalva’s daughter (Zezé Polessa) had lied and said that she was threatened by the boy.

“Do you know what they are doing to me? So wanting to take me away Ruyzinho…”, Bibi’s friend (Juliana Paes) will start. Exhausted from the chaos that the “mermaid” brought to her life, Jeiza’s old boyfriend (Paolla Oliveira) will say that she deserves what is going on.

The disaffection of Cibele (Bruna Linzmeyer) will not be able to take the esculacho quietly and will reply that the driver went out of his way to provoke the playboy of the nine o’clock soap, since he also gave her a leash when answering her calls.

“And why was that? Who kept watching me the whole time so I could show the bus to Ruyzinho? Who kept sending me a photo of the brother? Putting the brother all the time in the video?”, Marco Pigossi’s character will say, referring to the low blow that the “mermaid” used to approach him and without revealing that the child, in fact, is his heir.

(Almost) clean cloths

For the first time, Ruyzinho’s mother will admit that she used her son to chat with the northerner. He will ask her why she did not tell Eugenio’s son (Dan Stulbach) the truth.

“He is jealous of you, he does not like it. He is angry,” explained the girl. The shame of Ivan’s sister-in-law (Carol Duarte) will make Zeca angry and he will swear revenge on the boy who almost made him go to the “upstairs”.

Smartly, the character of Isis Valverde will take advantage of the anger that the truck driver and will ask him not to harm her in the process of guarding the character of Lorenzo Souza. However, Zeca will remember everything that Ritinha did and will ensure that the sneak deserves to go through it.

Globo has already recorded the 23 final chapters of Amor de Mãe, and Manuela Dias’ booklet will be back on the air next Monday (1st), with a recap of what happened in history and dividing prime time with the final stretch of the “special edition “from The Force of Querer.

The unpublished chapters of Amor de Mãe will be shown from March 15th. In addition to the spoilers, check out the summaries of the soap opera of the nine that are published daily by Notícias da TV.

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