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The Force of Wanting: Bibi catches Rubinho in a lie and discovers a case with a young girl


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Rubinho (Emilio Dantas) will falter and will be caught in the lie by Bibi (Juliana Paes) in A Força do Querer. The brunette will be suspicious of her husband’s supposed business commitment and will find out that, in fact, he will meet the young woman he keeps as a lover in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

In the next chapters of Gloria Perez’s plot, Rubinho will speak to the woman who will meet Kikito (Marcos Junqueira) in the city where they are living in hiding to get a sum of money.

The thug, in fact, will have an appointment with Carine (Carla Diaz). When he returns home without the amount he said he would look for, Bibi will be suspicious. “Where’s the money?”

“He’s going to come with a little guy over there,” will lie Rubinho. He will take the opportunity to invent that the next day he will need to leave again with Kikito to close other deals. Quickly, Bibi will find it strange and will decide to call Alessia (Hylka Maria) to check her husband’s story.

“Listen, I have to talk quickly. I want to know about Kikito. Is Kikito there in the area?”, She will ask Morro do Beco’s friend. “Are you crazy, girl? It’s here in front of me, right now”, will reveal Sabiá’s wife (Jonathan Azevedo).

Bibi will ask yet again so there is no doubt. “Are you sure it’s Kikito? Because he came here for people he was missing”, invented the Dangerous. “What freak is missing? Now, the one who disappeared was Carine’s piranha. She is finding herself. Surely she got sponsorship!”, The girl will inform.

Smart, Bibi will connect the dots, will realize that the husband’s meeting will have been with the lover and will be furious.

Globo has already recorded the 23 final chapters of Amor de Mãe, and Manuela Dias’ booklet will air again on March 1st, with a recap of what happened in history and dividing prime time with the final stretch of the “special edition” of The Force of Wanting.

The unpublished chapters of Amor de Mãe will be shown from March 15th. In addition to the spoilers, check out the summaries of the soap opera of the nine that are published daily by TV News.

The chapters of A Força do Querer are provided by Globo and are subject to change without notice

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