The Life of the People: Nanda promises a shack at Rodrigo’s Christmas dinner; know why


In A Vida da Gente, a “bomb” fell into the lap of Nanda (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho). The redhead discovered that her stepbrother is actually her uncle’s son. She will promise to make a shack at Rodrigo’s (Rafael Cardoso’s) Christmas dinner if she meets Lourenço (Leonardo Medeiros) in the six o’clock soap opera on Globo.

Nanda will call Rodrigo and ask to meet him, as he has a serious matter to talk to him. The night before, Lui’s girlfriend (Marat Descartes) would have gone out with Celina (Leona Cavalli) and the doctor would have revealed that Lourenço is Tiago’s biological father (Kaic Crescente).

Celina will explain to Nanda that Jonas (Paulo Betti) was unable to conceive Cris (Regiane Alves). For this reason, the lawyer bought his brother’s semen for R $ 1 million.

“Is that what you’re telling me? Is Tiago Lourenço’s son?”, Rodrigo will ask. “In real life, that’s it. And as Dad paid him R $ 1 million, he must imagine that the matter is closed, the way he is used to buying everyone”, observes the girl.

Rodrigo will find the story too absurd and will doubt that his uncle has agreed to participate in something like this. “Lourenço wasn’t going to do something like that. He wasn’t going to sell his son like that, especially since he’s full of principles,” the architect will contest.

Father and uncle in disrepute

“For you to see. Neither of them is worth anything! Now the sperm…”, the redhead will sentence. Manuela’s husband (Marjorie Estiano) will find it hard to believe the story and even suspect that Celina was too drunk to tell something like that.

Nanda will respond and assure you that the doctor was aware of what she was talking about. So much so that he asked her not to open her mouth about it. The scenes will air this Saturday (29).

I’ll let you know soon. If Lourenço decides to come down to your house for Christmas, he will have to listen to me. Christmas is a great time for that, because it is precisely the day that Tiago will be there, abandoned, in that haunted mansion. Don’t you remember what it was like? We still had each other, right? But the poor boy’s poor thing.

Nanda will make it clear that she is dying to throw the “bomb” in the lap of the person in charge. “That is why I will not tolerate seeing Lourenço there, with his face, enjoying the party”, the girl will warn.

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