The Life of the People: Summary of today’s chapter, Wednesday, May 12th


Check out the summary of the next chapter of the replay of A Vida da Gente, a soap opera at Globo’s six, which will air today, Wednesday (12):

Júlia calls Ana to visit her home. Vitória gets angry when she finds out that Barbara stopped doing her homework because Marcos didn’t help her. Celina and Artur talk after João Pedro’s consultation. Cícero states that he will not be present at the dinner that Suzana and Alice arranged with Renato.

Vivi suggests that Cris increase Lorena’s salary so she can work for her again. Ana talks to Rodrigo to try to find out a little more about her daughter. Júlia makes a drawing for Ana. Suzana and Alice receive Renato for dinner. Ana is annoyed to see Rodrigo, Manuela and Júlia together.

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