The Life of the People: Wilson goes over the corpse with an eye on a ‘happy widow’; understand


Wilson (Luiz Serra) will not wait for the body of Moema’s husband (Claudia Mello) to cool. He will go over the corpse with an eye on the widow in A Vida da Gente. The joiner will receive the news of the death and will be glad that the woman is free. Except that Laudelino’s friend (Stênio Garcia) took up the relationship with another in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

After Iná (Nicette Bruno) playing cupid writing love letters to try to get Aurélia (Rita Clemente) and Wilson together, the two engaged in a serious relationship. But you, who always had your eye on another woman, will not know what to do with your current girlfriend since you really wanted to stay with Moema.

Wilson will arrive at Laudelino’s workshop and find his friend crestfallen. When asked what happened, he will be disgusted by the news. “Do you know who left? Moema’s husband”, Iná’s boyfriend will inform.

“What do you mean? Just now? But it’s a lot of bad luck,” said Wilson. “Poor thing, right? So much struggle …”, Laudelino will observe, but his friend will correct him. “A lot of luck for me”, will begin to explain the character of Luiz Serra in the scenes that will air next Wednesday (2).

“Just now that I have committed my heart, that I am a committed man, the foot in the grave decides to take the decision I had to make back there”, explains the elderly man in the plot by Lícia Manzo.

The character of Stênio Garcia will say that the friend is an insensitive man. “And I thought I was going to tie my donkey in Aurélia’s shadow. And now, Laudelino, what do I do? Two loves for one heart, and just at my age? It’s a dose for a lion, right?”, Will suffer Wilson.

Globo postponed the premiere of the unprecedented Nos Tempos do Imperador for the second half of this year. The period plot is expected to go on air in August. In addition to the spoilers, the TV News publishes daily the summary of the six o’clock soap that the broadcaster reprises due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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