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The Power of Wanting: Pregnant, Ivan awakens hope of ‘being a woman again’; understand


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Ivan’s pregnancy (Carol Duarte) will give false hopes to Joyce (Maria Fernanda Cândido) and Eugênio (Dan Stulbach) in A Força do Querer. The parents of the trans man in the nine o’clock soap will believe that the pregnancy of the former volleyball player will change his mind about his gender transition. The pair will hope that Ivana resurfaces along with the maternal instinct.

Simone’s cousin (Juliana Paiva) will speak to the family next Friday (19). At this point in the plot, he will have had routine tests after feeling sick and discovered that these are the early symptoms of pregnancy.

Blandly, Elis Miranda / Nonato’s friend (Silvero Pereira) will tell the family about her pregnancy and will decide to run away from her parents’ house before they can react to the news. But, excited, Eugênio will prevent his son.

Joyce and Eugênio will be delighted with new grandson

“Is that true?” Joyce will release, her eyes watering. The dondoca will believe that its “princess” will return to exist in the place of Ivan. “I heard about it today”, Tê’s friend (Tarso Brant) will release, impressed by the reception.

Ruy (Fiuk) will also be present and will break the mood by questioning who the child’s father is. Blandly, the character of Carol Duarte will explain that the son is from Claudio (Gabriel Stauffer), but that he does not know how to talk to the ex. “But we are here …”, Irene’s rival (Débora Falabella) will assure, giving her son a tight hug. For now, the Garcia family will be in harmony.

Globo has already recorded the 23 final chapters of Amor de Mãe, and Manuela Dias’ booklet will be back on air on March 1st, with a recap of what happened in history and dividing prime time with the re-presentation of the “special edition” of A Strength of Querer. The unpublished chapters of the plot will be shown from March 15th.

In addition to the spoilers, check out the summaries of the soap opera of the nine that are published daily by TV news.

Find out everything that will happen in the soap operas with the Noveleiros podcast:

Listen to “# 45 – All about Juliano and Natália’s wedding at Flor do Caribe!” in the Spreaker.

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The Power of Wanting: Pregnant, Ivan awakens hope of 'being a woman again';  understand