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The Power of Wanting: Ritinha disgraces Zeca’s life with disgusting lie


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Ritinha (Isis Valverde) will destroy Zeca’s life (Marco Pigossi) in A Força do Querer. The “mermaid” will call the truck driver of the nine o’clock soap on Friday (19) to find out what the northerner will have talked to Eugênio (Dan Stulbach). In the middle of the conversation, she will be picked up by Ruy (Fiuk). The playboy will question why his wife is talking to the ex, and she will lie in the face when saying that the driver is threatening him.

The confusion will start because of the daughter of Edinalva (Zezé Polessa). The protagonist of Gloria Perez’s plot story will fear that the truck driver may have told the lawyer that she is a bigamist. So, Ritinha will decide to make a tirade with the boy on the internet.

“Did you tell Eugenio about our wedding? Speak the truth!”, Will demand the girl. “Jeez, I should have told you lascares at once “, Nazaré’s nephew (Luci Pereira) will reply, irritated. In the middle of the conversation, Ruy will appear in the room and question the woman’s conversation with her ex-fiance.

“What is it? He did what, Ritinha? Is this guy threatening you?”, The playboy will shout, angrily. The brunette will take advantage of the husband’s momentum and insist on the lying narrative to get rid of the scolding.

She will say that Zeca called to threaten her. “He turned to me and said that he will tell everyone that I want him. That I should be chipped”, will release the girl, pretending to cry. With blood in his eyes, Ivan’s brother (Carol Duarte) will take a gun and go after his rival.

Eugênio’s son will end the week shooting and hitting his rival in the soap opera. Zeca will be between life and death.

Ruy will lose his mind in The Force of Wanting

Week Summary

Second, 2/15 (Chapter 127)
Aurora despairs when she finds out that Bibi went to meet Rubinho. Rubinho is dating Carine. Ritinha tells Ruy that she will not accept walking with security. Heleninha questions Elvira’s methods of recovering her jewelry. Irene prepares for the meeting with Elvira.

Ivan feels bad, and Joyce blames the hormone injections. Irene falls into Elvira’s trap. The police invade Morro do Beco. Jeiza and Bibi exchange shots. Irene manages to escape the shooting, but bleeds and is taken to the hospital. Aurora begs Caio for help.

Jeiza surrenders Sabiá, but Bibi and Rubinho manage to escape. Ruy discovers pictures of Ruyzinho on Zeca’s cell phone. Dantas questions Silvana about the disappearance of the company’s check, and Simone listens. Bibi looks for Silvana.

Tuesday, 2/16 (Chapter 128)
Silvana and Dita shelter Bibi. Bibi calls Aurora, and Caio and the police monitor their conversation. Ruy demands explanations from Edinalva and goes to Nazaré’s house to wait for Zeca. Irene loses the baby, but tells Mira that she will fake the pregnancy. Joyce asks Simone to accompany Ivan to a medical appointment.

Irene provokes Joyce and Eugênio. Abel faces Ruy, and Jeiza intervenes in the situation. Ritinha manipulates Zu and Ruy, who revolts even more against Zeca. Rubinho calls Bibi and arranges his escape.

Caio and Selma find out where Bibi called Aurora from. Ivan tells Nonato that he will investigate his health. Bibi demands that Silvana help her in her escape. Silvana’s car is stopped by the police.

Wednesday, 2/17 (Chapter 129)
The policeman checks Silvana’s documents. Eurico interrogates Dita when he doesn’t find Silvana. Jeiza tells Cândida that she will speak with Caio about the situation of Zeca and Ruy. Silvana is surrendered by bandits, but Bibi defends her. Eurico and Simone confront Silvana.

Bibi rescues Dedé and says goodbye to Aurora. Carine receives a message from Rubinho. Edinalva tells Eugênio about Ruy’s attitudes. Abel argues with Zeca and says he will go to Parazinho. Concerned about the embezzlement at the company, Cibele questions Simone and Ivan about Nonato.

Ruy takes a gun to protect himself from Zeca. Irene invents for Eugênio and Joyce that will have a girl. Caio comforts Aurora. Simone finds out that Silvana was with Bibi.

Thursday, 2/18 (Chapter 130)
Simone accuses Silvana and Dita of being Bibi’s accomplices. Jeiza warns Caio about the conflict between Ruy and Zeca. Rubinho lies to Bibi and talks to Carine. Silvana worries about her debt to the loan shark. Ivan discovers his pregnancy. The police go to Aurora’s house. Rubinho, Bibi and Dedé arrive at their new home.

Simone tells Silvana that Nonato is in the sights of Cibele and Dantas. Eugênio demands that Ruy return Zeca’s cell phone. Abel leaves for Parazinho, and Edinalva gets emotional.

Silvana confesses to Dantas that she was the one who used the company checks. Erica comments to Jeiza that she misses Zeca. Zeca tells Eugênio that he never went to Ritinha. Desperate, Silvana takes medication. Ivan reveals his pregnancy to the family.

Friday, 2/19 (Chapter 131)
Joyce supports Ivan. It says strange when Silvana stops answering it. Dantas takes the blame on Eurico for the embezzlement at the company, and Cibele is surprised by his father. Ritinha fears that Eugênio has found out about his two marriages.

Dita finds Silvana passed out and calls an ambulance. Eurico and Simone despair at Silvana’s condition. Bibi is suspicious of Rubinho’s behavior. Simone confronts Dita. Eugênio talks to Ritinha. Cândida suspects that Jeiza still likes Zeca.

Joyce asks Ivan to stay at his home. Cibele talks to Dantas about his passion for Silvana. Ruy catches Ritinha talking to Zeca and takes his gun to get revenge on the boy.

Saturday, 2/20 (Chapter 132)
Ruy goes to meet Zeca, and Ritinha despairs. Silvana thanks Dantas for taking the blame for the embezzlement at the company. The moneylender collects Silvana’s debt. Carine calls Rubinho, who disguises it to Bibi. Nazaré and Cândida are suspicious when they see Ruy’s car prowling the neighborhood.

Abel calls Nazaré. Caio advises Eugênio to challenge the paternity action brought by Irene. Jeiza encourages Zeca not to give up his life in Rio de Janeiro.

Eurico takes care of Silvana, who is stunned by the debt with the loan shark. Ruy sees when Jeiza moves away from Zeca. Dedé calls Aurora, and the police believe she knows the whereabouts of Rubinho and Bibi. Jeiza concludes that Caio dated Bibi. Ruy shoots at Zeca.

Second, 2/22 (Chapter 133)
Aurora accepts to shelter Ritinha and Ruyzinho. At the hospital, Zeca has a delight with Ritinha. Ivan suggests that Eugênio be Ruy’s lawyer. Rubinho arranges a meeting with Carine and lies to Bibi. Abel returns to Rio de Janeiro and goes to meet Zeca. Marilda tells Ritinha the hospital where Zeca is.

Edinalva suffers from Abel’s condition. Zu suggests that Ritinha may be at Bibi’s house, and Joyce decides to visit her grandson. Ritinha visits Zeca when police arrive at the hospital. Ritinha tells her story with Zeca and Ruy to the policeman.

Cybele chat with Ruy. Aurora does not allow Joyce to take Ruyzinho without Ritinha’s knowledge. Eugênio asks Heleninha to convince Ritinha to stay at her house, to avoid associations with Bibi. The loan shark threatens Silvana.

Tuesday, 2/23 (Chapter 134)
Rubinho meets Carine. Dedé and Bibi are surprised by Rubinho’s delay. Caio and Jeiza celebrate their trip. Alan and Érica visit Abel and Nazaré, and the trainer explains that he was unable to warn Jeiza about Zeca. Ruy confronts Ritinha.

Simone tells Ivan that Cláudio will return to Brazil. Irene teases Joyce. Bibi discovers that Rubinho lied. Jeiza goes to meet Zeca. Abel reveals to Cybele that Ritinha is a bigamist. Cibele tries to bribe Zeca’s family, and Abel and Nazaré scold the girl.

Jeiza tells Zeca that he needs to reveal everything he knows to the police. Silvana loses in the game, and Dita fears the moneylender’s reaction. Edinalva plans the escape of Ritinha to Pará. The police tell Caio that they have discovered Rubinho’s whereabouts. Cibele tells Ruy and Eugênio that Ritinha is a bigamist.

Wednesday, 2/24 (Chapter 135)
Bibi decides to look for Rubinho, who is at the hotel with Carine. Ivan thinks about Cláudio. Joyce kidnaps Ruyzinho. Alan and Érica train Jeiza for an important fight. Bibi attacks Carine and confronts Rubinho. Simone lets it slip to Ritinha that Ruy asked for Ruyzinho’s custody.

The loan shark surrenders Silvana with a gun and takes objects from the house as collateral for the debt. Dantas convinces Abel to testify, with the intention of helping Ruy, but Jeiza prevents the frame. Bibi tries to get Rubinho to confess his betrayal. The judge grants Ruyzinho provisional custody to Joyce and Eugênio.

Simone confronts Silvana and is exalted with Dita’s protection from her mother’s illness. Werneck and other police officers locate Rubinho and Bibi’s house. Jeiza discovers that Caio was engaged to Bibi. Rubinho swears to Bibi that he never betrayed her and loses his wife’s forgiveness. Ruy goes to the police station. Ritinha manages to enter Joyce’s house.

Thursday, 2/25 (Chapter 136)
Ritinha faces Joyce, who calls the police to guarantee her right to guard Ruyzinho. Abel refuses to accompany Dantas to the police station. Edinalva scolds Dantas for transferring Ruy’s guilt to Ritinha. Ruy testifies.

Werneck and the policemen surround Rubinho’s house and Caio and Selma worry about Bibi. Ritinha swears revenge on Joyce. Jeiza confesses to Caio that she found out about her engagement to Bibi.

Silvana decides to use Bibi’s money to replace the loan shark’s embezzlement and appease Eurico’s debts. Ritinha argues with Ruy. Irene sends flowers to Eurico. Abel comforts Ritinha, who suffers for Ruyzinho. Ruy refuses to let Ritinha visit her son. Werneck surrenders Rubinho.

Friday, 2/26 (Chapter 137)
Rubinho is arrested and Bibi asks Alessia for help to return to Rio de Janeiro. Jeiza intercedes for Ritinha, but Joyce and Zu lose the police to protect Ruy. Abel visits Zeca at the hospital. Cândida tells Edinalva that her friend is jealous of Mere because of Abel.

Ritinha records a video to face Joyce. Rubinho provokes Jeiza. Bibi comments to Dedé that she left a reserve of money with a friend. Cibele warns Ruy about the campaign Ritinha made to rescue Ruyzinho.

Dita advises Silvana to tell Eurico the truth. Shirley is suspicious when hearing Cibele comment on the debt assumed by Dantas. Zeca returns home and Jeiza helps him. Bibi arrives at Alessia’s house. Biga meets João. Ivan is beaten on the street.

Saturday, 2/27 (Chapter 138)
Ivan is rescued and passersby inform Joyce and Eugênio. Marilda talks to Ritinha about the success of her video. Joyce despairs at seeing her son’s condition. Bibi discovers that Kikito doesn’t know where Rubinho buried his money. Zeca and Ruy have bad feelings. Simone is surprised by Ivan’s absence. The doctor announces to Joyce that Ivan has lost his baby.

Simone tries to talk to Silvana about her illness. Dita suggests that Silvana notify the police about the moneylender. Joyce understands Ivan. Bibi and Dedé arrive at Aurora’s house. Garcia and Elvira support Ritinha’s campaign against Ruy, and Amaro advises his friend. Irene looks for Eugênio.

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