‘The Silence of Rain’ features Lázaro Ramos as detective Espinosa


Detective Espinosa (Lazaro Ramos) participates in a samba circle in a bar when his cell phone rings. A body was found inside a car. There: the samba is over. And began The Silence of the Rain, a new film adaptation of a book by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza, this time directed by Daniel Filho.

Espinosa has been a character in a TV series, with Domingos Montagner in the main role. Lost and found (2006) went to the movies under the direction of José Joffily, with Antonio Fagundes as a retired detective. Berenice Search (2018) is directed by Allan Fiterman.

The Silence of the Rain has the development of a classic investigation. Was the dead man, businessman Ricardo (Guilherme Fontes), murdered? Why and by whom? The questions lead Espinosa and his assistant Daia (Thalita Carauta) to the widow, Beatriz (Cláudia Abreu), and also to the executive’s secretary, Rose (Mayana Neiva). To compose the picture, other characters come into the picture, such as the insurance broker played by Otávio Müller and Beatriz’s father, the sleazy businessman Anselmo Vasconcellos.

The investigation is as devious as the characters’ character, which leads the film towards the complexity of noir. Without dispensing with the clichés of the genre, she works with appearances that are always deceitful, corrupt men willing to do anything, and the presence of femmes fatales at key points in the narrative.

Good quality commercial product, The Silence of the Rain it is supported by the sure direction of Daniel Filho and the solid text inspired by the good novel by Garcia-Roza, adapted and scripted by Lusa Silvestre. Free version, which brings the plot of the romantic Peixoto neighborhood to a contemporary Rio de Janeiro, convulsed and full of social conflicts.