The Usurper: Next Chapter Summary, Friday, October 15th


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Believing that he is facing Paola, Santiago threatens her with a revolver, demands that she tell him where Gonçalo and the shipment are. Paulina tries to convince her that she’s not Paola. Fernando arrives and disarms him, but Santiago manages to flee. Paola watches everything on the tablet and tells Manuel that she needed to be sure that Paulina would go alone.

Fernando interrogates Paulina about Gonçalo and the shipment that Santiago wanted to know about its whereabouts. Paulina alleges that since the attack she suffered, she has heard nothing more from Gonçalo. Paola tells Manuel that Teresa will see to it that Santiago is held responsible for Gonçalo’s disappearance.

Paulina tells Montse that Paola has set a trap to kill her. Fernando tells Carlos that Paola’s lover is an arms dealer. Emílio learns from an article in the press that his mother did not die in an accident and that the cause of her death was suicide. Teresa murders Santiago.

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