Theo Becker says he ‘tried to be gay’ and failed: ‘It wasn’t in my nature’ – Young Pan


Actor said that he thought about the possibility of being a homosexual, because he wanted to ‘have an open mind’

Reproduction/Instagram/theobecker/15.09.2021Theo Becker said that he has already thought about the possibility of being gay

The actor Theo Becker made an unusual outburst on social networks last Tuesday, 14, when talking about his sexual orientation. “I swear… I tried to be open-minded, one day I thought about the possibility of being gay, but I couldn’t… it wasn’t in my nature. Maximum respect for the choice of each one. Don’t be mad at me… I tried,” he wrote on Twitter. A follower asked the ex-participant a sexual question of “The farm”, who immediately replied: “I didn’t act… I just thought (laughs)”. A follower asked: “Have you tried? Like this?”. The artist, who is currently 44 years old, explained: “I thought about the possibility… but it was impossible for me”.

Theo’s statements also drew criticism on social media. “Nobody chooses to be LGBTQIA+. We just are. Being smart is a choice. You chose not to go out thinking that we gays choose to get caught because we like men, right?” commented one person. “Honey, you can be open-minded and not be gay. But one thing is certain, ‘to be gay‘ is not a matter of ‘trying’. Either the person ‘is’ or ‘is not’. Wanted her or not. Don’t be upset about being ‘straight’, I get the point. But just not being ‘top straight’ is a lot,” added another.