Thiago and Georgia ‘die on the beach’ and are eliminated from Power Couple Brasil


Thiago Bertoldo and Georgia Fröhlich were eliminated from Power Couple Brasil 5 this Tuesday (20). The couple received only 4.59% of the votes to stay on the reality show in a hot seat against Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomão, and Mari Matarazzo and Matheus Yurley.

In the final stretch of Record’s program, Thiago and Georgia said goodbye to the cash prize after going to the surprise hot spot of the week. Li Martins and JP Mantovani were saved after winning the extra Couples Test.

Despite being called “plants”, the night outs managed to make it far in the couples competition thanks to the good-neighbor policy. In an attempt to avoid the risk zone, the journalist and Thaeme Mariôto’s work partner managed to escape from all the hotbeds, going only to the first DR, which was fake.

During their stay at Power Mansion, Georgia and Thiago did not get involved in any shack. The two starred in three victories in the Couples Trials, formed an alliance with the “phoenix couple” and aroused the distrust of some opponents.

Early in the game, Georgia was welcomed by Deborah, more talkative than Thiago, the brunette vented with the actress and assumed that she was feeling “rejected” by the other couples. The crying happened after the formation of the fake DR. “Stay with me,” Bruno’s wife said, not knowing that the two would become allies until the last week of confinement.

While the redhead “took care” of the actress, Nina Cachoeira assumed her distrust of Georgia’s behavior. “She doesn’t want to get upset with other people,” said Filipe Duarte’s partner in a conversation with Márcia Fellipe.

Despite being on the blonde’s radar, the days went by and the “plant couple” became practically invisible at the reality show’s headquarters. After walking through all the groups, those eliminated at the time seemed to have teamed up with Deborah, Bruno, Li and JP, but decided to play alone at a certain point in the competition.

In one of DR’s formations, Deborah said she would abandon her alliance with Georgia because the actress and the countryman had not voted for Mirela Janis and Yugnir Angelo to save Nina and Filipe from the risk zone. “Our priority with Georgia and Thiago has changed. Now you are our priorities, not them. They were very important to me,” Bruno’s wife said after the “cheating”.

The next day, Deborah went back and called Thiago’s girlfriend for a chat. “Okay, but you kept looking at me afterward as if I voted for you, you know? It doesn’t make sense for me to defend Nina and Filipe,” Georgia explained after hearing the redhead’s apology.

At another point in the game, Georgia even questioned Bruno and Deborah’s loyalty. In conversation with Thiago, the brunette assumed that she had been suspicious of a comment made by the doctor.

“That day, in the last DR, when the thing happened with Deborah, we were in the fourth animation, and I was surprised by the way Bruno talked about his priorities. Deborah always told me it was us and Li and JP [as prioridades]. We knew they were a little closer to Li [Martins] eo JP [Mantovani], but that was never made clear,” Georgia said.

Amidst the suspicions, Li also expressed concern about Georgia’s behavior and warned Deborah after Thiago’s girlfriend refused to help the actress with information about her vote for one of the DR formations.

Georgia also tried to break away from Deborah at another point in the game. Worried about the hot seat, Bruno’s wife tried to get votes against Renata Dominguez and Leandro Gléria to escape a possible elimination. Thiago’s partner, however, refused to defend the ally and stated that she would not vote for the “soap couple”.

During her time at Power Couple, Georgia also starred in some crying scenes. Before Fábio Castro was eliminated, she took on her disappointment after being boycotted by the dancer during one of the discord games, when she was prevented from competing for the dynamic awards. “Disappointed,” she complained.

In yet another behavior change, while Thiago remained mute, Georgia called Renata “ridiculous” despite having promised to be faithful to the actress. The uprising took place after Leandro’s wife accused the actress of having harmed her husband in one of the season’s competitions.

Despite not having made it until the grand final, scheduled for Friday (23), Georgia and Thiago won, for the third time, another Couples Test last week.

In the last few days of confinement, Georgia began to ignore Li and JP. Thiago’s girlfriend even questioned the former Rouge’s loyalty in her friendship with Deborah. “Never defended,” fired the brunette.

With Georgia and Thiago out of the game, Deborah and Bruno, Mari and Matheus and Li and JP are still fighting for the final prize.

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