Tiago Leifert leaves Paolla Oliveira embarrassed by speculating about his new affair – Prime Time Zone


‘I’m shocked,’ declared the artist after the comment of the presenter who defined himself as a gossip

Reproduction/Globe/19.07.2021Paolla Oliveira was surprised at ‘Super Dança dos Famosos’ by Tiago Leifert

The host James Leifert surprised the actress Paolla Oliveira while speculating about his personal life in the “Super Dance of the Famous” last Sunday, 18. After the actress danced a paso doble with Leandro Azevedo and was breathtaking for the audience and the judges, the current replacement for Faustian provoked: “Wow, Paolla, you are happy, happy, you are in a different light”. The actress changed the subject: “Shortness of breath does that”. Tiago continued with the provocation: “He’s even out of breath”. Paolla agreed that she was out of breath and added, “Look at him, I’m shocked at you, Titi.” The presenter then confessed: “I’m a gossip.”

Jokingly, the contestant threatened to expose the artist: “Depending on what you say, I’ll comment on your dance.” Tiago replied: “I am tragic, I am sparing the public in Brazil. I stay here in my little corner [apresentando e] doing my gossip”. Last week, it began to be speculated on social media whether Paolla was having an affair with the singer Diogo Nogueira, that’s because it was published by the newspaper Extra that the samba singer’s sister, Clarisse Nogueira, would have introduced Diogo to the actress. Paolla and Clarisse are friends. The two-year relationship that Diogo lived with the lawyer Jessica Vianna came to an end in February of this year, and in April, Paolla ended her relationship with coach Douglas Maluf.