To cause on De Férias Com Ex, MTV breaks the show’s tradition; know which


To move De Vacations With Ex: Celebs 2, MTV decided to break the program’s main tradition: the arrival of the new ex. In this Thursday’s episode (27), Marina Gregory, Flávia Gabê and Gabi Rippi found Diego Gélio on the beach, a digital influencer who has never had a relationship with any of the three confined.

After the initial scare, the participants found out that Gélio already had a relationship with Tainá Felipe and also with the DJ’s sister. “Ah, but her family’s genetics are good, you can’t deny it”, tried to justify the paulista. However, the participants were shocked by the boy’s argument.

Because of the Tablet of Terror, the four confined took part in an exclusive date, in which they exchanged caresses. Meanwhile, those confined to the headquarters had access to date images. Taina recognized the ex and immediately warned: “The blow is there, whoever falls”.

Caíque Gama also saw a photo in which Flávia, her affair in reality, passed a strawberry to Diego’s mouth. The musician interpreted the photo as a kiss and, consequently, a betrayal. “She’s fucked, I expected another posture, regardless of anything,” he pointed out.

On the way back to the headquarters, Flávia was immediately questioned by the ex-Fly. “The Tablet just hurts us,” confessed the former The Voice Brasil. The pair of singers went on with the discussion and then got it right.

The next day, Rico Melquiades was selected for a boat trip and invited Ingrid Ohara, Maju Mazalli and Lary Bottino. At the meeting, the comedian, who is openly gay, kissed and sucked the breasts of his colleagues. “Guys, I’m a fag and sucked my breast, I can’t believe it,” admitted Carlinhos Maia’s friend.

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