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To get angry: Blind Marriage has sexism and gossip in new episodes


[Atenção: este texto contém spoilers]

After living very romantic moments, with emotional declarations of love and “I love you” in just three days of conversation, the participants of Marriage à Cegas Brasil will go through serious turmoil. In the new episodes, which debut on Netflix this Wednesday (13), the couples have many disagreements during their coexistence, several of them related to the sexism of the couple. There is also gossip among the group that threatens a couple’s fate.

In the four new episodes released on the streaming platform, couples face the challenge of living together. Each of them will live in an apartment, and all the couples are neighbors in the same building. Living together, they discover the differences between them, which become the cause of many fights.

Rodrigo Vaisemberg and Dayanne Feitoza, who seemed to be having a lot of fun on their honeymoon, soon change their mood when they live together. He finds out that she is very messy and is very upset about it — the blonde is very organized and already arrives dictating rules for the tidying up of the house, with an air of superiority.

Dayanne feels cornered and despised by her fiance, “as if she had a finger in my face all the time,” she reports. The participant spends most of her time sad and tearful in the new episodes.

There is also an aggravating factor for the couple’s situation: Rodrigo comments with his colleagues on the reality show about their intimacy. In a statement to the cameras, Dayanne does not reveal what was said, as she says she feels very exposed and that Rodrigo broached the subject with other men in a vulgar way. At first, he denies that he did it, but for the women the matter gets to Dayanne’s ears. The seller is forced to confess that he screwed up, and the atmosphere between the two is terrible.

Thiago Rocha and Nanda Terra also face difficult moments. He does not accept her addiction to cigarettes and clearly says that if the bride does not stop smoking, there will be no marriage. In coexistence, the parachutist also treats her with disdain at various times, making it clear that he does not agree with her lifestyle.

The participant talks about Nanda’s work (who is an eyebrow designer) as if it were something unimportant and comments several times that he doesn’t know if he will say yes to her at the altar. He goes so far as to say that women are more influenceable than men and that, if they don’t marry, the two will be “contatinhos” – to which Nanda replies “your ass”, without considering the idea. Like Dayane, she is also withering and looking sadder every day.

In the new episodes, participants also meet their fiancés’ relatives. None of them come into conflict with fathers, mothers and relatives, they all get along well, but Ana Carolina Prado is disappointed with Shayan Haghbinghomi at this point. The Iranian, who says that his wife has to be a bit of his “mother” too, spends little time with the model’s daughter when the child goes to visit the couple, which makes Ana very upset.

The two also disagree because she claims he treats her one way in front of the cameras and another when the couple is alone. The crisis reaches a point where Ana decides to leave her apartment and spend the night in a hotel, to cool off and think better.

Will anyone get married?

Carol Novaes and Hudson Mendes and Luana Braga and Lissio Fiod are the couples who, up to this point, go through the period of coexistence with less friction. Paulistanos get along very well with each other’s families and friends, but the 26-year-old boy at one point confesses that he doesn’t feel ready to get married.

The Bahian and Maranhão native seem to get along well, with the exception of occasional moments when she gets annoyed with him, feels jealousy and demonstrates a strong personality. A psychologist, Luana almost becomes a therapist for her friends who are suffering more with their boyfriends.

All couples have an exciting time choosing the dresses and suits they will wear on the big day. The last two episodes of Blind Marriage will show the newlyweds at the altar, deciding whether they want to stay with the people they chose in the booths or whether they want to call the experiment over and go single. The final chapters debut on Netflix on the next 20th.