Today’s Owl (15/7): Globo shows the American drama The Price of Life


Globo shows the film O Price of Life in Owl from dawn from Thursday (15) to Friday (16) at 2:10 am (Brasilia time). In the 2017 drama, a family lives a nightmare while on a vacation trip.

Doctor Kevin Riley (Eion Bailey) travels to the Bahamas with his wife, Julie Riley (Bethany Joy Lenz), and five-year-old son Andy Riley (Mauricio Alemañy). When they arrive at the place, they decide to take a boat trip. On the high seas, they see a deserted island and decide to visit it.

After the adventure, the family decides to return to the hotel. Kevin tries to start the boat’s engine, but it doesn’t work. Without food and water, the three despair and don’t know how to get out of there. However, they feel hopeful when they see two fishermen on the outskirts of the island.

Unfortunately for the family, the men are not there to help. In fact, they end up kidnapping Julie and Andy, in search of a financial return. From that moment on, Kevin lives a nightmare trying to recover and save his wife and child.

Directed by Phil Volken, the drama also features Barkhad Abdi, Danny Glover, Tim Griffin and Jack Wallace in the cast.

Watch the trailer for The Price of Living: