Two votes, counterattack and round-trip: Understand the dynamics of the week at ‘BBB 21’ – Prime Time Zone


In all, four participants will be nominated, but one will be able to save himself in the round-trip event

reproductionBrothers will appoint two people to the wall

Entering the final stretch of the program, the ‘BBB 21‘presented a new dynamic for the formation of the seawall From this week. The news was announced by the presenter Tiago Leifert on this Thursday’s program, 1st. In all, four participants will be nominated for the wall. In addition to the traditional leader nomination, the other participants will vote anonymously in the confessional, defining the second one, which, in turn, will initiate a open vote who will take a third brother to Paredão. The one indicated by the open vote will indicate another participant through the counter-coup, totaling four brothers bricked. All nominees, with the exception of the one indicated by the leader, will compete in the Bata-Volta race and one of them will be saved.