Vaartha Online Edition


Not to mention specifically how social media has an impact on people. Recently a lot of people on social media are proving their talent and seizing movie chances. In the past, the general public has also tried to showcase their talent through the TickTalk app. While many became famous in it. However, in the Telugu states, Dikaravu is the name that comes to mind immediately.

There was a craze for tic-tac-toe videos of Durga Rao with his wife on his own steps. Durga Rao became famous in a very short time as his videos were getting millions of views. Durga Rao used the popularity brought by TikTok for an entry in a TV show. Recently, Durgarao received an unexpected offer. Durga Rao got a chance to play a small role in the movie Crack starring director Gopichand Malineni as the hero of Mass Raja Ravi Teja.

It has to be said that this is a really cool chance for Durga Rao. If he clicks on his performance in the movie Crack, then the chances of a movie will come in a row. However, many are commenting that social media is a blessing in disguise for the industry as movie opportunities are coming to many.