Vaartha Online Edition Screen – Movie


It is known that the latest movie ‘RRR’ starring Young Tiger NTR is already ready for release. With this film, the audience along with the film community is slow to create a tsunami of records at the box office once again. With director Rajamouli directing the film, everyone is curious to see what kind of records the film will create at the box office.

However, after this movie, Tarak is all set to release his next movie under the direction of Trivikram Srinivas, the magician of words. It seems that Tarak look is going to be the newest in this movie. After this movie, it seems that Tarak is all set to release his next movie ‘Uppena’ directed by Buchibabu Sana. Recently, Buchibabu told Sana Tarak a story about a sports theme. In this movie, Tarak is getting ready to appear to the audience as a 60 year old.

With Tarak appearing as a 60-year-old man, interest in how Tarak is going to be in the film has just taken a turn for the worse. According to industry sources, the film unit has come up with the title ‘Ainanu Poyiravale Hastinaku’ for Tarak’s upcoming film directed by Trivikram. The film unit is all set to start shooting for the film soon.