Valesca loses the line with Negão da BL on Ilha Record: ‘I’m a woman for c*’


Valesca Popozuda rebelled after being called “without education” by MC Negão da BL at Ilha Record. During a dynamic, shown on Tuesday (3), the funkeira asked respect from the opponent and warned: “I’m a fucking woman”.

In the current activity, the explorers needed to place the other competitors in the following categories: shark, octopus, jellyfish, seaweed and turtle. In his turn to play, Valesca refused to talk about Negão da BL, but he did not fail to declare his dissatisfaction with the singer.

“I’m just going to tell you one thing: when I say something to someone, I commit to someone, I commit myself and I say what I’m going to do. If I shake hands with someone, I shake hands and it’s okay. First , I know how to respect people, and today you said that I had no education. So, like that, you respect me, because I’m a fucking woman to come to a brat [falar isso], not even my son disrespects me”, fired the funkeira.

While Negão da BL listened in silence, Valesca continued with his speech: “You pay attention as you talk to me. It’s very easy to cover your ear, look at Antonela [Avellaneda] and say that I have no education. For me, I have nothing to say about you,” added the artist, who also threw her rival’s photo on the floor.

Earlier, the two had already fallen out during a conversation about voting. The confusion began when Laura Keller reinforced the sorority speech but admitted that she can vote for a woman if necessary.

Annoyed by Negão’s questions about her vote, Valesca snapped: “I’m not saying I’m going to vote for sycrano or ordinary, you don’t know who I’m going to vote for. But why am I going to keep this: ‘Oh, I’m not voting for women’ , if I have to protect myself?”.

“So you vote for everyone, right? I just don’t understand why it didn’t work with Dinei, so you didn’t like him. You raised the fucking flag. [feminista]”, countered the singer. “No friend, wait! I liked him! How will I fight alone? Everyone says they need a man to go with them,” added Valesca.

In a part of the fight, Negão got up and sat down in front of Laura, avoiding looking at Valesca. “I like to talk to polite people,” fired the explorer. The singer’s comment resulted in the funkeira’s revolt during this Tuesday’s dynamic.

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