Vereda Tropical had tension with censorship and confusion with Corinthians


Shown between July 23, 1984 and February 1, 1985, Vereda Tropical was a hit on Globo’s seven track. The telenovela, which will be released on Globoplay this Monday (13), was marked by several events behind the scenes, including tension in the debut and a mess with Corinthians.

Vereda Tropical was the first solo soap opera by Carlos Lombardi, which opened on the right foot and would have many other hits on the network. The author, currently away from television after a spell at Record, was supervised by Silvio de Abreu, with whom he had already collaborated in two other plots: Jogo da Vida (1981) and Guerra dos Sexos (1983).

“Silvio’s supervision work was daily. First, he put my synopsis in order. He said what was good and what was bad, as well as indicating possibilities for the characters. It was a didactic work”, declared Lombardi to the book Authors, Stories from Teledramaturgy, from the Memória Globo project.

However, three days before the premiere, Vereda Tropical was simply banned from being shown by the Federal Censorship, which was already teasing about the plot — in the first chapter alone there were 32 cuts.

On the morning of the opening day, under a lot of tension, Silvio de Abreu and Carlos Lombardi, along with other Globo representatives, went to Brasília (DF) to negotiate directly with the censors. They got the release of the serials in the nick of time.

The telenovela, starring names such as Lucélia Santos, Walmor Chagas (1930-2013), Mário Gomes and Marcos Frota, marked the debut of several artists who would be successful in the following years. It was the entry into the genre of the boy Jonas Torres, who was nine years old, Luiz Fernando Guimarães, Regina Casé and Catarina Abdalla.

It was also the first soap opera on Globo by the veteran Georgia Gomide (1937-2011), which attracted attention as Bina, owner of an Italian canteen.

The production also featured the participation of Matilde Mastrangi, one of the muses of pornochanchadas in Brazilian cinema in the 1970s and 1980s. In her only soap opera on Globo, she played the sweet Marilinda. The actress, who is married to actor Oscar Magrini, only participated in one more plot: the unsuccessful Glass Curtain (1989), on SBT.

To top it off, Maurício Mattar appeared for the first time in a novel in the last chapter, as a suitor of Catarina (Marieta Severo).

Perfume sale and confusion with Corinthians

Vereda Tropical is considered by many to be the best novel by Mário Gomes. The actor stood out as the football player Luca and even recorded the theme of his character, as he had already done in Duas Vidas (1976).

At the end of the telenovela, the athlete was hired by Corinthians. Globo took advantage of a game between the São Paulo team and Vasco, for the Brazilian Championship that year, to record Luca arriving by helicopter on the Morumbi lawn.

When Corinthians scored a goal, the actor invaded the pitch and celebrated along with the players, being promptly expelled from the field by judge José de Assis Aragão. The fact caused a lot of noise and was almost left to the referee, who was accused of having favored the act, but was later acquitted.

In addition to this fact, one of the main scenarios of Vereda Tropical was the CPP perfume factory, where the protagonist, Silvana (Lucélia Santos) worked. She was fleeing from the siege of her ex-father-in-law, Oliva (Walmor Chagas), who did everything to get custody of her grandson, Zeca (Jonas Torres). The girl didn’t know, but the factory belonged to the millionaire.

Due to the success of the soap opera, an eponymous perfume was launched at the time, which was very successful in the market.