Victor Pecoraro is careless when changing his clothes and shows too much in ‘A Fazenda 13’ – Prime Time Zone


Actor had just come out of the shower and was drying himself in the stall when he made the slip

Reproduction/Record/06.10.2021Victor Pecoraro was drying up when he almost showed too much in ‘A Fazenda 13’

Victor Pecoraro he neglected to adjust his swim trunks after taking a shower and almost showed too much in “The Farm 13”. The actor was drying himself with the towel when he decided to fix his private parts. The problem is that he ended up pulling his swim trunks forward in an exaggerated way and almost left everything on display. The video of the moment began to circulate on social networks, but it is not possible to see anything explicit, as the bed in the stall ended up covering part of the camera that was filming the actor at the time. Tiago piquilo, Rico e Aline Mineiro, who are in the stall with Victor, were close to the pawn, but no one noticed the slip.

It is worth remembering that the participants who are in the stall cannot take a shower at the headquarters and had to face a cold shower that is in the same place where they sleep in their checkered pajamas. In every vote, one of the stallholders is pulled to the farm. Erika, who was the most voted for by the house in the live program last Tuesday, 5th, spared Victor and pulled Tiago from the bay to the farm. This Wednesday, the 6th, Faustão’s former ballerina disputes the farmer’s hat with Rico and Dayane Mello. Tiago was vetoed and is now officially on the farm.