Viegas Alfineta Bolsonaro after performance in No Limite: ‘No athlete history’


Vice-champion of No Limite 5, Viegas took advantage of his participation in the Meeting this Wednesday (21) to give President Jair Bolsonaro a stab. The singer spoke about the good performance he had in tests on the reality show and commented that he reached the final without receiving votes from his colleagues. “And no athlete record,” he criticized.

The joke was in reference to a speech by the President of the Republic last year. He said he would be more resistant to the Covid-19 virus because of his “athlete background”. Bolsonaro went so far as to say that if he were infected, he would have no further complications thanks to his military background.

Viegas only lost the award to the popular vote, which elected Paula Amorim champion. The singer completed all the tests on the program, including the final two, which were qualifying. He and Breno Simões’ fiancee defeated Marcelo Zulu, André Martinelli, Elana Valenaria and Jessica Mueller in the last episode of the overcoming reality.

The ex-BBB also took the opportunity to defend himself from criticism for not having celebrated Paula’s victory — consequently, her defeat. “I chose to be quieter at that moment because I thought about my mother and my daughter, I didn’t fulfill what I promised them, which was to win”, he explained.

The runner up congratulated the champion and said he admires her a lot. “We created a relationship abroad, Paula is really angry, she deserved it. In no way did I want to belittle her victory. It was just my moment,” he said. “And it’s natural for us to be sad when we lose, right?”, the athlete understood.

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