Viih Tube is criticized for leaving Caio out of the vip at ‘BBB 21’: ‘She left her father in the shape’ – Prime Time Zone


After winning the Leader Test, the sister left the farmer, Gilberto and Fiuk out of the vip group

Reproduction / Globo / 16.04.2021When Caio was the leader, Viih Tube told his brother that he saw him as a father

Viih Tube won another Leader Test at “BBB 21” and many viewers of the program demonstrated on social media that they were disappointed. The sister’s name ended up in the most commented on Twitter and, once again, she was labeled “fake”. What caught the public’s attention was the fact that Viih Tube have left Caio in the wood. Last week, the farmer won the Leader Proof and the youtuber, even with her injured foot, was the first to run to congratulate him, besides, she even told her brother that she saw him as a “father”. After beating Fiuk in the event, Viih had the right to choose five participants for the vip and the current leader chose to Juliette, Joao Luiz, Arthur, Lucas stretcher e Pocah. Caio, on the other hand, xepa with Gilberto e Fiuk.

On social media, Viih was criticized for cajoling Caio the week he was the leader and, now that he has taken the lead, not putting him in the vip. “She had 5 vacancies for the VIP and left her dad in the shave,” commented a follower. “Viih I leave Caio in the oil (laughs). Well done! He was all, all at lunch defending her, ”wrote another. For the public, the youngest participant in the house approaches people for convenience and, after her friend Thaís was eliminated, she started to approach Juliette again, after speaking ill of Paraiba behind her back.