Vitória Strada starts a relationship with Marcella Rica and talks about bisexuality: ‘It was never taboo’ – Prime Time Zone


Protagonist of ‘Save Yourself Who You Can’ said that it took her to understand what she felt for her current bride

Reproduction/Instagram/victoriastrada_/06.06.2021Vitória Strada spoke about her relationship with Marcella Rica’s fiancée

The actress Vitoria Strada, protagonist of the soap opera “Salve-se Quem Puder”, by Globo, gave details of his relationship with the also actress Marcella Rica and he said that he found himself bisexual when he started to like his current partner. “It was the first time I felt something for a woman, it was an internal process until I understood that I was really liking her. I was always very down to earth. The key was that I didn’t judge or question myself. Bisexuality is very natural to me. It was never taboo. I took it easy in all my relationships, to understand if I wanted to be there. It took me a little longer to figure out if what I felt for her was something beyond friendship,” said the actress in an interview with Glamour. She is on the magazine’s June cover alongside Marcella. The actresses have been together since 2019 and their first kiss took place at the cinema. When the relationship became public, they handled the matter with caution, but they weren’t afraid of losing contracts because of it. Vitória and Marcella became engaged on New Year’s Eve this year and the wedding has not yet been set.

The protagonist of the 19:00 soap opera also said that her friends even questioned the fact that she was having a relationship with a woman. “My friends were shocked: ‘You always liked to have sex with men, I never heard any complaints.’ I never complained. It was all right. But when you like the person and are ready to listen to the other… Sex is listening, an exchange. People see it as restricted to the male sexual organ. Society prevents women from getting to know their bodies to find out what they like or don’t like, what makes us happy or not. Sex is an exchange that has to happen. And, in our case, it happened. I also believe that sex is political”, commented Vitória. Marcella also spoke about the subject and highlighted the importance of a couple having affinity in bed: “Nobody thinks about getting married when the sex is not good. Marriage is marriage. It’s finding fit in several areas. Including this one.”