Web accuses Vera Magalhães of xenophobia for disdain for hospitals in the Northeast


Journalist Vera Magalhães was accused of xenophobia by Internet users who followed the Jornal da Cultura last Thursday night (18). In the edition of the program, she seemed to disdain the hospitals in the Northeast in a speech seen by twitterers as prejudiced.

The commentator was talking about rising drug prices in times of a pandemic when she compared the quality of a private hospital in São Paulo, “elite”, to the health system in the Northeast of the country.

Vera was indignant to learn that doctors are intubating severely ill patients without sedation and outside the ICU, as there are no medications or beds available.

“I talked with a doctor from Sírio-Libanês, not from a hospital in the middle of the Northeast, a public hospital, but an elite hospital in the capital of the main state of Brazil. He told me: ‘Vera, we are intubating patients in bed , in the bedroom ‘. This is barbarism, it is collapse in the main private hospital in the city of São Paulo “, he fired.

It didn’t take long for followers to start accusing her of underestimating the quality of hospitals in another region of the country. Sought for the report, TV Cultura’s advisory did not comment on the journalist’s comment until the conclusion of this text.

Watch the controversial speech of Vera Magalhães, from the 40 minutes 26 seconds of the video below, and check out the repercussions on Twitter:

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