Wesley Safadão comes out in defense of a family-friendly pastor accused of pedophilia – Prime Time Zone


André Vitor became a topic on social media after the singer posted a video in which he tried to hug a child

Reproduction/Instagram/wesleysafadao/26.07.2021Wesley Safadão recorded a series of stories talking about pastor André Vitor

The singer wesley naughty spoke on this Monday, 26, after the pastor André Vitor, a personal friend of his family, being accused of pedophilia on social networks. “I don’t know what is happening in the world today, this internet is sick, this is the truth”, declared the artist. The accusations started after Safadão posted a story in which André Vitor appears trying to hug a child from behind. The girl, however, turns away from him and starts jumping excited to see Safadão and Tirullipa playing with pie in the face. “I was here talking to my staff, they asked me not to speak, just issue a note, but I’m not going to be okay if I’m not loyal to the person who helped me the most in this life,” said the singer in the stories from Instagram.

He continued by saying that the pastor is a person who builds his house and brings him closer to God. “André Vitor is a person I have like a brother, a person I trust completely, my wife, my family, our circle of friends, so what they are doing to him is a great injustice. These internet judges condemn people without hearing their version.” According to Safadão, the pastor tried to hug the child, because he has a complex for being overweight. “He always puts up a picture pulling his shirt, whenever he sees it being filmed, he keeps hiding behind people because he doesn’t want to show his belly. So, let’s rethink why these are lives and professions that are on the other side. Let’s spread more love, more peace”, said the singer who asked for more empathy and less “cancellation” on social media. THE Young pan he tried to contact the pastor, but got no return.