What year was The Clone? See the age of the cast of the telenovela rerun by Globo


Novel currently exhibited at Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, Clone originally passed between October 2001 and June 2002 and had 221 chapters. The rerun won’t be on the air for as long this time, as Globo indicated in the first chapter that the plot will have several cuts. O TV news gathered curiosities such as the age of the cast in the year the serial was aired and the synopsis of the story of Gloria Perez.

This is the fourth time that the soap opera that has Giovanna Antonelli and Murilo Benício as protagonists is shown. In 2011, Globo scaled O Clone in Vale a Pena Ver Again for the first time, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of the series. It ran from January to September of that year.

After nearly a decade without TV reruns, O Clone recently returned to the air. The serial was made available to subscribers of the Viva channel, which was broadcast from December 2019 to August 2020. It ended up as the second most watched soap opera in the channel’s history, only behind O Cravo ea Rosa (2000), its predecessor on pay TV.

Synopsis of The Clone

The plot tells the love story of Jade (Giovanna Antonelli) and Lucas (Murilo Benício). In the 1980s, the couple met in Morocco, fell in love and decided to run away to live the overwhelming love, as the girl’s family was against dating.

He, however, gives up on the venture due to a tragedy with his twin brother. Diogo dies in a helicopter crash, and Lucas decides to return to Rio de Janeiro. Jade is abandoned and marries Said (Dalton Vigh).

Giovanna Antonelli, Dalton Vigh and Stênio Garcia

While the love affair takes place, Dr. Albieri (Juca de Oliveira) is devastated by the death of his godson. The scientist makes the decision to clone the deceased with Lucas’ cells and implant the embryo in Goddess (Adriana Lessa), who he believes to do just normal artificial insemination.

Twenty years pass, and Jade and Lucas have a new life. The girl is the mother of Khadija (Carla Diaz), and Murilo Benício’s character builds a family with Maysa (Daniela Escobar) and daughter Mel (Débora Falabella).

Years later, the protagonists meet again in Rio de Janeiro. Léo, who is Diogo’s clone, also sees Jade on a trip and falls madly in love with the character played by Giovanna Antonelli. Watch the summary below:

cast age

Murilo Benício, who was 30 at the time the soap opera was originally shown, played three characters in O Clone: ​​Lucas, Diogo and Léo. Giovanna Antonelli was 25 years old.

The couple’s partnership was also for real life. After meeting each other on the recordings, the artists dated for four years and had Pietro. Benício and Giovanna separated in 2005.

Dalton Vigh played Said in the novel. The character became Jade’s husband after Lucas abandoned her in Morocco. Carla Diaz played Kadhija, the couple’s daughter. At the time, the participant of Big Brother Brasil 21 was 10 years old and became famous for some catchphrases, such as “Inshallah”.

See below the Age of 20 actors from The Clone in the month of the novel’s original release –October 2001. In other words, just add 20 years to the account to know how old the artists are currently.

  • Adriana Lessa – 30 years
  • Antonio Calloni – 39 years old
  • Carla diaz – 10 years
  • Dalton Vigh – 37 years
  • Daniela escobar – 32 years old
  • Debora Falabella – 22 years
  • Eliane Giardini – 48 years
  • Giovanna Antonelli – 25 years
  • Jandira Martini – 56 years
  • Juca de Oliveira – 66 years old
  • Juliana Paes – 22 years
  • Leticia Sabatella – 30 years
  • Murilo Benício – 30 years
  • Neuza Borges – 60 years
  • Nívea Maria – 54 years old
  • Nivea Stelmann – 27 years
  • Reginaldo Faria – 64 years old
  • Solange Couto – 44 years old
  • Stênio Garcia – 69 years old
  • Vera Fischer – 49 years