Who are the entrepreneurs who brought Deus Ex Machina to Brazil


It may seem like a pretense for a brand to have a logo with the name God. And is. But it is with this veneration that a legion of fans treats Deus Ex Machina, the store of origin australian what a mix custom motorcycles, surf, fashion, gastronomy and art. So much so that the addresses are appropriately called temples.

The Brazilian faithful thanked the heavens when the Deus Ex Machina temple was inaugurated in São Paulo, without fanfare, in the beginning of September. The address is an old modernist house from the 1950s, in the Pinheiros district, completely renovated, now industrial style, with lots of concrete and rustic wood.

In the sect of Deus Ex Machina, the temple of São Paulo has a special highlight. This is the first licensing of the brand. All the other 11 centers belong to the group, based in Milan since a group of Italian businessmen bought 60% of the company.

Deus Ex-Machina store Deus Ex Machina store: caps sold out

Deus Ex Machina store: sold out caps (Deus Ex-Machina/Publishing)

Brand Origin

Deus Ex Machina is an expression of Greek origin that means “God arising from the machine”. It is also a feature of ancient theater that consisted of the descent onto the scene of a God whose mission was to provide an arbitrary solution to an impasse experienced by the characters.

In 2006, Australian Dare Jennings sold the 1990s iconic Mambo fashion brand and teamed up with designer Carby Tuckwell to found Deus Ex Machina. From the beginning, the idea was to be a lifestyle center that exalted creativity, culture and handmade.

From Sydney the brand went to Bali and soon its fame spread. Today the temples of God are in countries like Italy, Spain, Korea, France, Indonesia, South Africa and Japan. It is estimated that the group’s total revenue is around 30 million dollars a year.

Investment of 6 million reais

It was not easy to bring the brand to Brazil – even more so with the pioneering licensing format. “Negotiations began in 2018. The idea was that we had opened before, but the pandemic postponed the opening”, says the designer and advertiser Cris Almeida.

He has three other partners in the project: engineer Gustavo Belloc, publicist Rodrigo Borges and chef Dário Costa. Together, they invested 6 million reais in the business. Under the agreement, they pay the matrix royalties for the sale of products, which range from 3% to 8%.

Conversations started with Jennings, the brand’s founder. “He told us that he always had many proposals, many surveys, but always with more limited actions. Or it was for a motorcycle customization workshop, or just for a clothing store”, says Cris Almeida.

1950s house

The renovation of the house, the paintings on the walls and all the design part is up to you. The house where the store and restaurant are located is an original project by Oswaldo Bratke from the 1950s. Old sheet metal furniture in the kitchen was recovered, as was the parquet floor.

The huge garden gave way to the open-air restaurant and the kitchen in the back with a customized oven with the logo of Deus. Chef Dário Costa is known to those who follow gastronomy programs on TV. In 2016, he participated in MasterChef, in Band. In 2021, he won the Mestres do Sabor, on Globo.

In the kitchen of Deus Ex Machina’s restaurant, he mixes local and oriental influences. Everything has a smoky taste. Among the highlights on the menu are seafood spaghetti with pangratatto and bottarga (78 reais) and octopus on the barbecue with wood-roasted sweet potatoes and aioli (98 reais).