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Who killed Michael Jordan’s father? Documentary suggests convicted man may be innocent – ZAP


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A new documentary suggests that the man arrested nearly 30 years ago for the murder of basketball legend Michael Jordan’s father may be innocent.

On July 23, 1993, James Jordan, 56, was shot dead in Lumberton, North Carolina, while sleeping in a Lexus car, which was a gift from his world-famous son Michael Jordan. The crime appeared to have been an unsuccessful theft.

The body was found in a swamp in South Carolina 11 days later and was accidentally cremated on August 7 as an unidentified “John Doe”.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, his family, who reported disappearing 21 days after the murder, was not contacted.

At the time of the crime, Larry Demery, then aged 17, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and testified against his friend and alleged accomplice Daniel Green, then aged 18, who was also convicted. Both were sentenced to life in prison.

The court heard that teenagers did not initially know the identity of the victim, but later they would have used the NBA ring that Jordan received from his son and used his car to make phone calls, which were used to track them.

Demery, now 44, unexpectedly received probation in August last year, due to a technical legal detail that will allow him – but not Green – to be released in 2023.

Now, a new documentary series, called “Moment of Truth”, which will debut on the streaming service of Amazon presented a case for Green’s innocence, as reported by the The Daily Beast.

Green, who had an alibi for the entire night of the murder after attending a party in his grandmother’s caravan, has repeatedly stated over the years that he has not murdered Jordan.

Now 45, the man said he was at the party when Demery, who reportedly left the event to meet with a drug dealer, reappeared and asked him to help hide the body – before Demery allegedly denounced him in the deposition.

“In the first place, I know he lied and that is the reality. I know he lied about me and I know he killed James Jordan, ”said Green. “Love and hate cannot exist in the same space at the same time. As a prisoner, I firmly believe that a person who is going to leave and not commit crimes should be released. “

The series presents claims made for the first time in 2016, from alleged misconduct police officer, including problems with autopsy and reports of failure to track clues about other suspects, such as convicted drug dealer Hubert Larry Deese – son of Robeson County Sheriff Hubert Stone, who was a friend of the lead investigator.

When the police tracked calls made from the phone to Jordan’s Lexus on the night of the murder, the second call was supposedly to Deese, who worked with Demery at the Crestline Mobile Home, less than a kilometer from where the body was later discovered, and which would have been used as part of a drug trafficking route known locally as “Beco da Cocaína”.

Green’s defense team tried to present evidence of that call during his 1996 trial, but it was rejected by the judge.

Deese was arrested for cocaine trafficking a year after the murder.

In 1997, a former police officer told federal agents that Deese had already bribed police officers who were working on drug investigations, according to the The News and Observer in 2016. Deese’s lawyers deny the allegations.

In 2002, an investigation into corruption in the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office led to the indictment of 22 policemen, including Glenn Maynor – who succeeded Deese’s father as sheriff.

Green’s representatives state in the documentary that the evidence constitutes a convincing case for a retrial.

“At the very least, I think Daniel deserves a probationary hearing, which would prove he deserves a retrial. But, in my mind, the evidence supports the murder charge [a ser] rejected. Is in prison 18 years ago than it should, for the crimes it admits and for the crimes that I believe the evidence supports, ”said Christine Mumma, executive director of the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence.

“I am happy that the true narrative is being released. There are people out there who know what really happened to James Jordan. I hope this story gives people the courage to tell the truth, ”he concluded.

On the other hand, prosecutors do not believe that Green’s struggle is genuine and that he “will never confess what he did. He just won’t accept it ”.

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