Who wins No Limit? Reality has six semi-finalists; vote for your favorite


The last episode of No Limite 5 takes place on Tuesday (20) night, with six semi-finalists fighting for two spots for the grand final. Thus, the public still does not know who they will have to vote for to take home the R$500,000 prize. Who deserves to win? Vote in the poll of TV news at the end of this text.

André Martinelli, Elana Valenaria, Jessica Mueller, Marcelo Zulu, Paula Amorim and Viegas follow in the competition. Even though the teams have come to an end, there are more representatives of the Carcará team than the Calango team, which may have won over the crowd.

The presenter Andre Marques said that there will be a final challenge on tomorrow’s program to define who will be the two finalists of the resistance reality. In other words, the activity will eliminate four participants, but it was not disclosed if it is already recorded, or if it will happen live.

The choice of the champion or champion will be made through public voting on Globo’s official website. The ten participants who have already been eliminated from the game will also be present in the last program. There will also be time dedicated to a retrospective of each one of them.

The polls have no scientific result, they just portray a trend on the part of No Limite 5 viewers. Who is your favorite participant? Vote in the poll below: