Will Marcela be happy with Edgar at the end of Ti Ti Ti? Know what happens to Renato


The love triangle of Ti Ti Ti, Marcela (Isis Valverde), Edgar (Caio Castro) and Renato (Guilherme Winter) will only disconnect in the last chapters of the Vale a Pena Ver de Novo rerun. The girl from Minas Gerais will fall into the arms of the photographer, and the entrepreneur will win a new chance at love at the end.

In the current phase of the plot, she felt something for Renato again. The former model married Paulinho’s father (João Pedro Briggi) as a result of an agreement made with Giancarlo (Mauro Mendonça) to keep all employees of Moda Brasil magazine employed.

But Julinho’s friend (André Artche) will realize that the new life will stir her feelings. She will approach Stela’s son (Mila Moreira), and they will get to have sex. After the torrid night, the couple will fight ugly, and Renato will ask for a divorce to free Marcela from the commitment to stay married to save the editor from Edgar’s family.

The altruistic attitude of the boy will make Luisa’s rival (Guilhermina Guinle) even more stirred, and the obstacle of the love triangle will be maintained until the final chapters. The girl from Minas will only decide who to stay with after almost dying at the hands of Lugar Models partner.

Renato will fall into Isabel’s arms


The character played by Guilhermina Guinle will pretend to kidnap Paulinho and wait for the girl to get the car to “take the boat”. The blonde will collide her vehicle with the one from Minas, and the protagonist will suffer a serious accident. She will be admitted to the ICU and will be at risk of dying.

After a few weeks, Marcela will leave the hospital with the decision to stay with Edgar. Correct, the girl will go to Renato’s apartment and thank him for all the history they had together.

But the character played by Guilherme Winter will not be alone. The boy will reconnect with Isabel (Débora Falabella) — An old ex-girlfriend who will return to the rich man’s life when she becomes the press officer of Moda Brasil.

The serial that Globo reruns in the afternoon at the Vale a Pena Ver de Novo session is a reinterpretation of two classic novels by Cassiano Gabus Mendes (1929-1993): Ti Ti Ti (1985) and Plumas and Paetês (1980). Originally aired between July 2010 and March 2011, the plot was written by Maria Adelaide Amaral and Vincent Villari.

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