Will Smith says marriage to Jada Pinkett is open: ‘It can’t be a prison’ – Young Pan


Actor said they chose to leave monogamy after experiencing a relationship crisis

Reproduction/Instagram/willsmith/28.09.2021Will Smith said he has an open relationship with Jada Pinkett

The actor Will Smith he said that one lives open relationship with the actress Jada Pinkett Smith. The couple made this decision when they realized that the “marriage was not working out”. “We couldn’t pretend anymore. We were both unhappy and clearly something needed to change”, revealed the actor in an interview with the magazine GQ. The Hollywood star said his wife never believed in a conventional marriage. “Jada had relatives who had an unconventional relationship, so she grew up in a very different way than how I grew up.” Before leaving monogamy aside, the artists had many discussions about what would be a perfect relationship and how they should act as a couple.

Will and Jada’s marriage happened in 1997 and they had their children, Jaden Smith, 23 years old, Willow Smith, 20 years old. For a long time, they chose to live a monogamous relationship, but the marital crisis made them treat the relationship differently. “We gave each other confidence and freedom, believing that each one must find their way. And marriage for us cannot be a prison. I don’t suggest this path to anyone. But the experiences that the freedom that we give each other and the unconditional support, for me, is the highest definition of love”, declared the artist who starred in films such as “Looking for happiness”, “MIB men in Black” e “Aladdin”. In July of last year, Jada became the subject after it became public that she had an involvement with the rapper August Alsina. At that time, the couple’s relationship was already open, but fans didn’t know it. The actor is expected to release a book with his memoirs soon.