William Bonner mocks the Euro Cup result live on Jornal Nacional


William Bonner surprised those who followed this Monday’s (12) edition of Jornal Nacional, when he made an acid comment against England coach Gareth Southgate for his performance and defeat against the Italian national team at the end of Euro 2020 this Sunday ( 11). The anchor of the “horned” the fact that the veteran has chosen young players to take penalties in the championship decision.

“The coach put three boys to decide the Euro Cup on penalties,” joked the journalist, referring to players Bukayo Saka, 19, Jadon Sancho, 21, and Marcus Rashford, 23, right after the airing of a report on the championship final European. The trio failed to score goals and left as the villain of the match after the defeat of the selection.

Ana Luiza Guimarães, who shared the newsstand with Bonner, replacing Renata Vasconcellos, listened attentively to her colleague, but did not comment on the result of the game.

Quickly, the comment made by the ex-husband of Fátima Bernardes reverberated on social networks and divided the opinion of Internet users on Twitter. “Bonner didn’t like Southgate’s ideas either. People like us,” wrote the profile Sick for Football.

“Bonner criticizes a coach who selected a 23-year-old to take a penalty kick in the Euro Cup. Pelé, at 21, was in his second World Cup. I don’t understand anything about football and I don’t even care about it”, pointed out netizen Tuca Neto.

Watch the video and see the reactions: