William Bonner reveals plans to leave the ‘National Newspaper’: ‘Uncle has to rest’ – Young Pan


Presenter also explained why he grew a beard and said he likes samba and electronica

Reproduction/Globe/06.18.2021William Bonner began presenting the ‘National Newspaper’ in 1996

The host William Bonner revealed that he is already thinking about leaving the “National Newspaper”. The anchor of the main news of the Globe answered questions from some viewers and one of them wanted to know how he sees “JN” 10 years from now. Laughing, the journalist, who is currently 57 years old, replied: “I’ll certainly see it from home because I don’t intend to be at all that age presenting ‘JN’. I will be 67 years old. Guys, the uncle has to rest too. Let’s go slowly, right?”. Another person wanted to know why he left the beard grow up and Bonner explained that he was tired of shaving frequently. “I wore a beard in college, until I started working in television, then I spent all these years shaving, but I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to do that anymore, as it was a huge waste of time.”

Still answering viewers’ doubts, the presenter confessed that he already had to run off the bench to go to the bathroom. “Sometimes there’s time, when there’s a very long story, but I think in my whole life I must have done it twice. I must have been very tight”, he commented. Bonner also commented that he loves song, but doesn’t have a favorite musical style. “I’m from a generation that listened to, for example, progressive rock, but I like samba, I like MPB, I listen to pop, I like classical music and also electronic. I am extremely varied in my musical taste”, said the journalist who has been on the bench at the “Jornal Nacional” for 25 years. Currently, he shares the TV news presentation with Renata Vasconcellos.