With a frustrated return to Globo, Mel Lisboa ‘faces’ a post-Covid pandemic in series


With her return to Globo after 13 years frustrated due to the postponement of the soap opera Cara & Coragem, Mel Lisboa “faces” a pandemic worse than that of Covid-19 in Spotify’s audioseries Patient 63, which premieres this Thursday (22) on streaming service. In the plot, the actress plays a psychiatrist who treats a man who claims to be a time traveler who needs to save humanity from an apocalypse – the role of Seu Jorge.

Mel was cast to play the villain in Cara & Coragem, a plot written by Claudia Souto that ended up being postponed to 2022 due to the current health crisis. In the new role, the actress will star opposite Ícaro Silva and Ricardo Pereira. The forecast is that the serial will be aired after the end of Quem Mais Vida, Melhor, the next telenovela of Globo’s seven, which should be shown after the end of the rerun of Pega Pega – a replacement for Salve-se Quem Puder.

The actress would also be part of the cast of Malhação – Transformação, but the new season of the teen soap opera was put in a drawer and without a forecast. Mel Lisboa’s last appearance on Globo was in the series Casos e Acasos (2008). Since then, she has played roles in soap operas on Record and appeared on series on HBO and GNT. The actress’ most recent work was in Coisa Mais Linda, on Netflix.

Away from Globo and on the radio soap opera Patient 63, Mel Lisboa is Dr. Elisa Amaral, a psychiatrist torn between reality and the delirium of an enigmatic patient, Pedro Roiter, whose medical record is number 63. With the voice of Seu Jorge, the character claims to be a traveler from the future who came to save humanity from the devastation caused by a pandemic that has driven society into the rudimentary era.

At the press conference with the presentation of the audioseries, the actress was questioned by the TV news if the apocalyptic theme would not be heavy for the current moment in Brazil, where more than 540 thousand people died from Covid-19, and he defended the artistic function of the work.

“When I listened to the series, I was very moved too, agonized, but in a good way, in the sense of provocation. And in the sense of developing critical thinking. Looking around and seeing what’s happening too. In making parallels, that it is one of the functions of art, which is to make you observe and build this criticism,” claimed the actress.

It is also the function of art to touch some wounds, to really provoke them. Art is provocative. So I’m telling you this because of course each one will feel [a série] in a way. And some may think it’s too much, because, really, she has a kind of apocalyptic vision, right? But on the other hand, he gives possibilities, he is coming back to try to change. So what is the character saying? ‘Believe in the future’.

“Think about today, think about what you do today, because this will have consequences tomorrow. So make us reflect on today, on our actions, attitudes, on everything we say, reproduce. We have to think about today. that could be avoided if we went back to the past and changed the timeline. What could we have done to not be in this situation today?”, added one of the protagonists of Coisa Mais Linda, on Netflix.

The patient 63

Seu Jorge, interpreter of Patient 63, draws parallels between the audio series and the chaotic moment in Brazil today. “One thing that’s very interesting about the character is that he cites the generations between pandemics, what he means is that we’re not going to stop having that,” began the singer.

Many people lost their lives not because they crowded together or because they went out to work. But because the disease got to them somehow, they got it, contracted it, and stayed. Science is fighting a very big denialism today. That’s what Pedro Roiter talks about. You can avoid a series of events that triggered his 2062 future.

“So today we, stimulated and instigated, keep thinking about 2062, right? Encouraged when listening to this series and even in a way this heavy feeling, really, if this thing is confirmed, this nothing, this emptiness is confirmed, it is [questionar] what will it be like to live rudimentary for the new generation?” asked the MPB star.

“We have to conserve all the knowledge that we consume and all the wisdom that we have built up until now. Because that, really, is very close to us”, evaluated the composer.

Created by Julio Rojas, Patient 63 debuts this Thursday (22) on Spotify. Check out the trailer: