With Covid-19, Marília Mendonça suffers from being isolated from her son: ‘It hurts’ – Prime Time Zone


Singer vented by posting a screenshot of a video call she made with Léo

Reproduction/Instagram/mariliamendoncacantora/09.09.2021Marília Mendonça shared a video call she made with her son

The singer Marília Mendonça is isolated from her son, Léo, since she tested positive for the Covid-19. On Thursday, 9, the singer posted in Instagram stories a print of a video call she made with the one-year-old boy. “I love you infinitely… I miss you a lot… a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot”, wrote the countryman. On Twitter, she added that being away from her son is “what hurts the most.” Marília was diagnosed with the disease after returning from a trip to Mexico and, according to the artist’s press office, she has been showing mild symptoms. The 26-year-old singer took just the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The show that was scheduled for next Saturday, 11, in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo, had to be rescheduled for the next 25th of September. On social networks, the owner of the hits Infiel e Supera reassured fans: “Here everything is fine, my loves. I’ve already done all the exams, there’s no risk of any complications, thank God and thanks to the first dose of the vaccine I’ve already taken… in addition, always pay attention to the importance of the vaccine… I’m just fulfilling the isolation”.