With Covid-19, Yudi Tamashiro’s father suffers cardiac arrest and is intubated


Father of former SBT presenter Yudi Tamashiro, Nelson Tamashiro suffered a cardiac arrest on Monday night (15), due to Covid-19 complications. At 56 years of age, he is hypertensive and needed to be intubated at the Municipal Hospital Santa Ana, in Santana de Parnaíba, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

This Tuesday morning (16), the singer published a video on Instagram in which he appears crying a lot and asking for prayers for his followers. According to Yudi’s report, the father is in a very serious condition and was not the only one who tested positive for the coronavirus.

“My mom and sister are also with Covid. I was the only one in my house who didn’t [peguei a doença], so I’m running around to help my family “, he explained.

Visibly shaken, the artist added: “What I ask of you is the same as what I asked for when my mother had cancer: prayer. I’m not making this video to promote myself, for God’s sake, I don’t need it, but I do to those who believe that they pray for my family. I don’t know what God wants from me, it’s a lot of battle “.

In May 2020, Yudi’s grandmother died of complications from Covid-19. An uncle of the presenter also came to be hospitalized because of the disease and recovered.

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