With ‘farewell’ by Rodrigo Bocardi, Jornal da Globo breaks record of the year


Rodrigo Bocardi’s last day at the head of Jornal da Globo gave the program the best audience of the year. Friday’s edition (5), filled with news about the worrying situation in Brazil in the face of the pandemic, scored 11.5 points in Greater São Paulo, with 30.3% of televisions tuned on average.

The presenter took over the post during the holidays of Renata Lo Prete in the national newspaper and missed the Bom Dia São Paulo, of which he is the holder. Michelle Barros has been the replacement for the morning paper for the past few weeks.

On February 27, a Saturday, Bocardi was on duty and presented Jornal Hoje, which also broke the audience record of 2021 up to that occasion, with 13.4 points. Last Wednesday (3), however, with the holder, Maju Coutinho, the afternoon player set a new best mark: 14.0 points.

See below the hearings for Friday, March 5, in Greater São Paulo:

Average of the day (7h / 0h): 16.3
Good Morning São Paulo 7,5
Good morning Brazil 9,1
More you 8,1
Meeting with Fátima Bernardes 7,8
SP1 11,9
Globe Sports 11,7
Newspaper Today 11,6
Afternoon Session: Love Game in Las Vegas 10,9
Family relationships 18,9
Workout 16,6
Our lives 18,3
SP2 22,8
Let There Be Heart 26,6
National Newspaper 27,6
Mother’s love 30,3
The Power of Wanting 33,7
Big Brother Brasil 29,5
Globo reporter 18,5
Newspaper 11,5
Conversation with Bial 7,0
Great Owl 1: Marks of the Past (part 1) 5,8
BBB Network Newsletter 5,5
Great Owl 1: Marks of the Past (part 2) 5,1
Great Owl 2: In the Name of the Law 4,9
Owl 3: Santa’s Little Helper 4,3
How will it be? 4,3
Average of the day (7h / 0h): 6.3
General Morning Balance (average from 5 am to 8:30 am) 1,7
General Balance Morning (network) 1,4
General Balance Morning (local) 2,7
Speak Brazil 3,8
Nowadays 4,5
JR 24H (Morning) 5,3
General balance 7,9
Mother Slave 6,2
JR 24H (Afternoon 1) 5,3
City Alert 6,6
JR 24H (Afternoon 2) 5,6
Newspaper of Record 9,0
Genesis 11,5
Top 5,9
Super Tela: Sicário – Day of the Soldier 3,0
JR 24H (Early Morning) 3,0
Speaks, I hear you 1,2
Between Lines 0,4
Religious 0,3
Average of the day (7h / 0h): 5.1
First Impact 4,1
Good Morning & Company 5,2
Coupon Prize Chest 5,6
Gossiping 3,9
Family Cases 4,1
Triumph of Love 6,3
True Loves 7,0
SBT Brasil 5,0
Wheel to Wheel 5,4
Coupon Prize Chest 5,7
Chiquititas 6,2
Little Mouse Program 5,4
Success Screen: The Great Dave 5,8
The Night 3,4
Operation Mosque 2,3
Wheel to Wheel 1,9
Crunching (resubmission) 1,8
SBT Brasil (re-presentation) 1,7
Big Bang A Teoria 1,6

Source: Issuers

Each point is equivalent to 76,577 households in Greater SP

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