With Marjorie Estiano as protagonist, Duas Caras had low ratings and changed cast


Success as Carolina in Under Pressure, Marjorie Estiano lived another moment in her career when she played her first protagonist. The premiere in Duas Caras (2007) came full of reviews, and the soap opera that was made available by Globoplay this week went through troubles with low ratings and several changes in the cast.

Initially, Aguinaldo Silva wanted to repeat several elements of Senhora do Destino (2004) for his next nine o’clock soap opera. The author wanted to have Carolina Dieckmann as Maria Paula. However, the actress became pregnant. Marjorie only replaced her after Mariana Ximenes turned down the role.

However, the reception of the public was completely different from what the interpreter was used to when Natasha lived in Malhação (2004).
Marjorie was heavily criticized for her performance.

At the time, the actress gave an interview to IstoÉ Gente magazine and was sincere about her first work as a protagonist:

I thought I was safer about it, but the negative reviews at the beginning of the novel shook me up. I lost the structure a little. I wondered all the time if I wasn’t doing the wrong thing.


Marjorie’s romantic partner, played by Dalton Vigh, should also have been another actor. Aguinaldo Silva thought about Eduardo Moscovis for Marconi Ferraço/Adalberto Rangel. The actor, however, declined the invitation.

The same happened with José Mayer. The veteran should have played the community leader Juvenal Antena, a role that fell to Antonio Fagundes. At the time, the heartthrob said in an interview with Marília Gabriela that he rejected the character to work in the musical Um Boêmio no Céu.

Soap opera audience at seven o’clock

The public’s criticism was reflected in the hearing of Duas Caras. At the time, the story averaged 37.4 points in Greater São Paulo — a satisfactory index for the seven o’clock plots, but not for the nine o’clock soap operas.

Aguinaldo Silva even took a break from his work for a few days. According to Folha de S.Paulo, this was due to the low repercussion. Previously, with Senhora do Destino, the author beat 50 points. The novelist, however, said that he only walked away from conducting the series because of a hypertension crisis.

acclaimed villain

Although Duas Caras had several problems, the internet embraced Silvia. The obsessive way of the villain played by Alinne Moraes was successful on social networks.

In the story, the little girl was Ferraço’s fiancée and made Maria Paula’s life miserable. The protagonist had a son with a villain, and the former crook tried to build a relationship with the boy after discovering he was a father.

Even after 14 years of the soap opera, Silvia’s faces and mouths can still be seen in Twitter posts. One of the biggest highlights is the scene in which the dondoca is admitted to a rehabilitation clinic and appears tied in a straitjacket.