With myopia and dyslexia, the presenter struggles to read a script in a new comedy reality


Known for his work on YouTube’s Parafernalha channel and on Netflix’s No One Tá Olhar (2019) series, Victor Lamoglia faced an unexpected challenge as presenter of the MEME da Comédia, a humor competition that TNT debuts on Monday (13). Nearsighted and with mild dyslexia, the artist struggled to handle the teleprompter (a device attached to the cameras that shows the script to be read).

“I made mistakes a lot, because I have a problem with my eyes, I see poorly. And I also have a slight degree of dyslexia, I change the order of the words. Sometimes I read the same sentence twice and I don’t notice. Pay attention to the TP [teleprompter] it was a very big difficulty. So, I preferred to memorize everything I had to say and pretend I was reading in TP”, he delivers to TV news.

The Comedy MEME, whose full name is The Most Spectacular and Magnificent Comedy Show, refers to a circus in which the presenter acts as master of ceremonies. In each episode, a group of comedians dispute a series of impromptu tests. One participant is eliminated per chapter and, at the end of the season, someone will be named champion.

Facing the teleprompter wasn’t Lamoglia’s only challenge ahead of MEME The actor had his first major experience as a presenter in the competition. But since it was recorded during the pandemic, it did not have an audience that would serve as a thermometer for its performance.

“And I think it hurt the contestants even more, because they needed that response from the crowd. Comedy is a lot like that: you make the joke; if it works, people will laugh; if it doesn’t, there’s silence. And they expected that response. I felt that I had a lot of breath of ‘bitch, now a laugh had to come in to give me strength’. Because laughter increases your persona on stage”, justifies Thati Lopes’ partner.

I say for myself, as the presenter, kind of holding the situation in my hand, but I missed an audience to be able to switch, communicate with someone. I visualized on camera, talked to the guys at home. If there was an audience, it would be with them [a conversa]. I don’t know what it will be like when we have an audience, but for the contestants it will be amazing to have the answer right there. It gives a boost to the presentation.

Another challenge for the actor? Hold back the laugh. In addition to the humor made by the competitors, the jury formed by Fafy Siqueira, Letícia Lima and Ed Gama was also a machine gun of jokes. “We laughed all the time, I came home with a stomachache from laughing so much,” admits Lamoglia.

“I even think it’s corny to talk, but it was a lesson to be with Fafy there, to have someone who witnessed the history of the comedy there by your side. And to be able to watch, see how she thinks, do it together. Sometimes she saw that I was going to do it. a joke, so I was already preparing to raise a ladder so that my joke could be valued more. I thought: ‘Man, this woman is a monster’. With Letícia too, I would turn around and say: ‘I’ll say this and you say this thing, to make fun of me’. We used to joke a lot to each other”, he points out.

The premiere of the first season of MEME da Comédia takes place this Tuesday (14), at 11 pm, in a TNT humor block that also features the series Um Maluco no Pedaço (1990-1996). Season one has 16 episodes, and Lamoglia is already dreaming of a second — or many others.

“I would do one a month if I could, because I loved it. It felt like I was back in acting classes, because it was so much fun to be there. I already sang the ball. [para a equipe] and I said: ‘Look, guys, I’ve done years of improvisation, I know a lot of games that can be turned into a frame, let’s talk when another one happens, which I’m in the mood to create’. I like to throw them out, I think the idea is not to be kept.”

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