With nearly 400 actors, Genesis becomes a lottery; see who got lucky or unlucky in the soap opera


Genesis has already performed a “miracle” within Record by recovering part of the public that had lost interest in its biblical booklets. With the premiere postponed several times and marked by backstage problems, the production overcame initial suspicion and managed to gain a foothold in the audience. The “superlative” numbers, however, aren’t exactly synonymous with success for the cast.

With almost 400 actors distributed in seven phases, the soap opera became a kind of lottery for the interpreters. Written with six hands, with many other fingers in the middle of the script, a role – which is played by up to three actors in different stages of life – can make noise during one stage and, in the next, completely lose its importance.

The temporal leaps, which reach three within the same chapter, are also a challenge for the audience to follow the story and establish a connection with the characters. In a snap of a finger, the kid running through the Monday chapter can turn into a gray-bearded, back-painful gentleman by Friday.

The protagonists are a little luckier, especially after Ur dos Chaldeans, when the story established the narrative focus on Abraham (Zécarlos Machado) and his family. Jacó (Miguel Coelho), in charge of the sixth stage, is the prophet’s grandson; José (Juliano Laham), who will become the center of attention in the final, is a great-grandson.

The supporting cast, on the other hand, have very little screen time to stand out among the countless lesser roles. that make the story look like a job hanger. Fairuza (Sura Berditchevsky), for example, did not resist two chapters before her death, and her husband Betuel (Roberto Bomfim) followed the same path.

See five unlucky players from Record’s production:

The unlucky ones: little prominence

Camila Rodrigues

Camila Rodrigues had her big break in Os Dez Mandamentos (2015), but she has also complained about the fatigue of amending one biblical work after another. After doing well in contemporary Topissima (2019), she did not repeat the result when she returned to dramaturgy as Nadi – the fourth phase, Ur dos Chaldeans, was one of the low points of the story.

Angelo Paes Leme

After starring in the José do Egypt miniseries (2013), based precisely on an excerpt from Genesis, Ângelo Paes Leme was not very lucky when he returned to the first book of the Christian Bible. The protagonist Terá suffered from the public’s lack of interest and took on the air of a villain at the end of his story — quickly losing ground to his son Abrão (Vitor Novello).

Pablo Morais

Pablo Morais was seen as one of Globo’s main bets when he was revealed in Suburbia (2012), but he didn’t happen in the audience leader. He left the station for Record after the first protagonist of his career, the Nimrod of Torre de Babel, but was eclipsed both by the special effects and by the villain Semiramis (Francisca Queiroz).

Felipe Roque

Felipe Roque also left Globo for Record and did well with one of the few roles in Jesus (2018) that really caught the attention of viewers, such as the bad character Caius. He did, however, pass in white clouds when he was “promoted” to King Ibbi-Sim — even the bloody ending didn’t resonate as expected.

Kayky Brito

The viewer who blinked in one of the chapters of Abraham’s Journey lost much of Kayky Brito’s participation as Prince Omar. He was most of the story trapped in the dungeon of Abimelech (Leonardo Franco), while Leora (Letícia Tomazella) took the lead in the story.

Check out the five lucky ones from the Bible booklet:

record genesis ze carlos machado marcos winter oscar magrini francisca queiroz hylka maria reproducao record With nearly 400 actors, Genesis becomes a lottery; see who got lucky or unlucky in the soap opera

The lucky ones: fell in popular taste

Zécarlos Machado

The biblical novels expanded the audience of Zécarlos Machado, who came from the prominence as the protagonist Théo in the first three seasons of Session of Therapy – exhibited by the GNT. He had already made noise like Pharaoh Seti from The Ten Commandments, but he “held the shuttlecock” and reversed the fourth-phase public decline like the prophet Abraham.

Marcos Winter

One of Pantanal’s revelations (1990), Marcos Winter even complained about the lack of space and financial difficulties due to the lack of opportunities in serials. After three biblical productions on Record, he saw the warrior Massa become a phenomenon thanks to the forbidden love for Adália (Carla Marins) — in one of the few parallel plots that really worked in the story.

Francisca Queiroz

After five years away from television, Francisca Queiroz took tooth and nail the opportunity to play the villain Semiramis in the third phase of Genesis. She was one of those responsible for building the Tower of Babel and also harbored an obsession with her son Nimrode (Pablo Morais) — culminating in an incestuous relationship that shocked the public.

Oscar Magrini

Interpreter of the patriarch Noé, Oscar Magrini surfed the peaks of audiences in the serials of Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro. With few protagonists in his career, he did well to get the story wrapped up in numerous special effects and achieved a record with the Flood sequels.

Leave Maria

Hylka Maria was given the ungrateful mission to go head-to-head with protagonist Sara (Adriana Garambone) and did well in the fifth phase of production, Jornada de Abraão. The servant Agar aroused the hatred, but also the compassion of the public – with the right to an unexpected happy ending alongside Bakari (Paulo Lessa).

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