With slap, engagement and betrayal, Globo soap opera reruns have the best fifth


Three of the reruns that Globo had to resort to during the pandemic packed the audience and yesterday (4) had the best ibope on a Thursday in Greater São Paulo. The strong scenes that attracted the public’s eyes to Family Ties, Haja Coração and A Força do Querer included the protagonists’ shacks and a romantic moment by a couple of good guys.

The plot by Manoel Carlos, which is on the air in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, recorded 21.6 points, with 37.4% of televisions tuned. The apex of the chapter had Helena (Vera Fischer) revolted with Pedro (José Mayer) because he doubted the paternity of the son she is expecting. The protagonist slapped the ex in the face.

Another fight that caught the public’s attention was that of Bibi (Juliana Paes) and Rubinho (Emilio Dantas) in the nine o’clock soap opera. Tired of being humiliated by her ex, Perigosa decided to play in his face who cheated on him with Caio (Rodrigo Lombardi), and the average audience was 35.7 points.

The romanticism was on account of the couple Shirlipe de Haja Coração, replayed in the range of seven. The soap opera reached 28.1 points in the chapter where Felipe (Marcos Pitombo) asked Shirlei (Sabrina Petraglia) to marry him.

See below the hearings of March 4, Thursday, in Greater São Paulo:

Daily average (7h / 0h): 17.0
Good Morning São Paulo 7,7
Good morning Brazil 8,4
More you 7,0
Meeting with Fátima Bernardes 7,9
SP1 12,3
Globe Sports 12,5
Newspaper Today 12,1
Afternoon Session: The Tunnel 13,7
Family relationships 21,6
Workout 17,4
Our lives 19,4
SP2 23,6
Let There Be Heart 28,1
National Newspaper 29,7
Mother’s love 30,7
The Power of Wanting 35,7
Big Brother Brasil 21 29,2
Renegade Archangel 15,8
Newspaper 8,9
Conversation with Bial 6,2
Great Owl: No Evidence 4,7
Hour 1 4,2
Average of the day (7h / 0h): 6.3
General Morning Balance (average from 5 am to 8:30 am) 2,1
General Balance Morning (network) 1,7
General Balance Morning (local) 3,1
Speak Brazil 3,6
Nowadays 3,8
JR 24H (Morning) 3,6
General balance 7,6
Mother Slave 5,5
JR 24H (Afternoon 1) 5,0
City Alert 7,7
JR 24H (Afternoon 2) 5,7
Journal of Record 9,3
Genesis 12,4
Top 5,9
Record Reporter Investigation 3,9
Chicago Med Emergency Care 2,8
JR 24 (Early Morning) 2,2
Speaks, I hear you 1,1
Love school 0,7
Religious 0,5
Average of the day (7h / 0h): 5.1
First Impact 3,5
Good Morning & Company 4,3
Coupon Prize Chest 3,9
Gossiping 3,7
Family Cases 4,5
Triumph of Love 7,1
True Loves 7,6
SBT Brasil 5,9
Wheel to Wheel 6,7
Coupon Prize Chest 6,8
Chiquititas 7,5
Little Mouse Program 5,9
The square is ours 6,2
The Night 4,1
Operation Mosque 2,5
Gossiping (resubmission) 1,9
SBT Brasil (re-presentation) 1,7
First Impact 2,6

Source: Issuers

Each point is equivalent to 76,577 households in Greater SP

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