With the stampede of Encrenca, owner of RedeTV! compares to the luxury brand


After Encrenca’s cast left RedeTV! on the way to the Band, Marcelo de Carvalho needled the former hires. This Tuesday (28), the businessman stated that he shares the same feeling as a luxury brand when he sees replicas of his products in popular retail stores.

“I feel like the owner of LVMH, which creates cool products and sees cheap imitations of their bags end up with street vendors on the sidewalks. And the amazing thing is that nothing ends up winning,” wrote the owner of RedeTV! on Twitter, citing the business group responsible for brands such as Louis Vuitton and Fendi.

Carvalho classified the publication as a “good-humored reflection” and recalled that, with the stampede, Encrenca repeated the same path taken by the extinct Pânico na TV (2003-2012), which became Pânico na Band (2012-2017).

Questioned by an internet user, the presenter warned that Encrenca will follow the RedeTV! grid. “The same program, totally renewed. New staff, new participants, more dynamism, more humor”, he pointed out.

Last week, Encrenca’s cast left RedeTV!. Tatola Godas, Ricardinho Mendonça, Dennys Motta and Ângelo Campos signed a contract with the Band, where they will lead Perrengue na Band, an attraction similar to the original program.

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